Authors: Michael Rabiger & Mick Hurbis-Cherrier

Publisher: Focal Press

ISBN-10: 0240818458

ISBN-13: 978-0240818450 (paperback)


Cut! The most comprehensive book ever assembled on the subject of film directing has just been published by Michael Rabiger and Mick Hurbis-Cherrier. 

Directing Film Techniques and Aesthetics (Fifth Edition), a massive, monumental work, encompasses everything you’ve ever wanted to know about directing a movie. This thoroughly researched manual has inspired tens of thousands of readers worldwide to realize their artistic vision and produce well-constructed films. The new revised edition has been updated and re-organized for a more streamlined and integrated approach. All illustration graphics are new. Film examples and references are completely updated and expanded, and virtually every detail has been modernized to embrace cutting-edge techniques. Somewhere, a youth is making his or her first film using a cell phone video camera. Buy him or her this new book and you may be launching the next Steven Spielberg or Anne Fletcher. 

Two top industry professionals provide the backbone for this colossal compilation of conversations about the artistic process: Michael Rabiger and Mick Hurbis-Cherrier. Michael has directed or edited more than three dozen films and was Chair of the Film/Video Department at Columbia College Chicago. Mick teaches filmmaking at Hunter College in New York and has won numerous festival prices as a screenwriter, director, cinematographer, and editor. Together, they outlay eminently practical tools and exercises that show fledgling filmmakers how to fine-tune credible and compelling stories, manage casts and crews, and create films with a distinctive voice and style.     

For the cost of three tickets to a current blockbuster movie, readers will acquire 2.4 pounds of material spread over 517 pages that comprise 8 sections subdivided into more than a hundred attractively illustrated chapters. The Table of Contents alone overfills 14 pages! The 8 core sections include: 

The Director and Artistic Identity

The Story and Its Development

The Director and the Script

Authorship and Aesthetics

A Director’s Screen Grammar




Back matter includes an eight-page Filmography and a thirty-page Index. From starting out and shaping a plot to editing a rough cut, mixing music and sound, and mastering a final distribution copy, the budding director who studies and learns the content of this book will become a virtual encyclopedic authority on filmmaking. After absorbing the knowledge in this book, even a wannabe outside the movie industry could hobnob with the experts at a film festival and discuss the ins and outs of every nuance of the craft with Academy Award-winning veterans. 

Available in both print and Kindle editions. Genuine Hollywood hatchlings should probably buy both versions because they will wear out the paperback edition after spending hundreds of hours pouring over the massive elements packed to the point of overflowing the front and back covers. 

Realize your dream. Become the master of the human, psychological, and technical aspects of the world’s most spectacular artistic craft. Directing Film Techniques and Aesthetics (Fifth Edition) energizes your innate talent and imbues you with the invaluable information you will need to move the spotlight from Griffith, DeMille, Ephron, or Tarantino to you.  

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