Author: David T. Fagan
Publisher: On the Inside Press
ISBN: 978-0-9857581-2-7

If you want yourself or your company to be an Icon in your industry, you need to speak up and be naturally different,” David T. Fagan states in his book, Cracking the Icon Code – Learn How to Earn an Icon Status and How to Net 6 Figures from Your Image, Expertise, and Advice.

This pocket-sized paperback book includes over one hundred and sixty pages written by former CEO of Guerrilla Marketing, Founder of Icon Builder Media and CEO of Space Faculty. Targeting individuals who are self-employed or have their own businesses and want to aspire to the next level, the book is geared toward learning how to market a brand or self to the top of any industry or position.

After a foreword by author and founder of LCO Communications, Michael Levine, with acknowledgement and introduction pages, the book has forty chapters dissecting marketing strategies. At the end of the book, there is a reading list and extensive author biography covering over thirty years of personal and business milestones.

Fagan believes that if we have more influence, credibility and exposure in our lives, we would make more money. One has to change who to sell to, change how to market and sell, and change what to sell to maintain growth and prosperity in today’s business environment.

After explaining the difference between an Icon and Icon Advisor, he considers the first step in “cracking the code” is to continually internalize the right thoughts and feelings as a fan base grows. Then one needs to give to and serve those fans who become actual buyers.

He says to stop chasing sales and start building and maintaining relationships. If we cooperate less, compete more and focus on the complementary, we can achieve greater goals. We do not always have to be politically correct but sometimes need to stand out in a crowd.

The focal point of the book is his pipeline of progress with detailed descriptions of prospects, suspects, discovery, custom proposal, commitment, collection, and the start, complete and finish of fulfillment.

The author describes his “Laws of” Abundance, the War Chest, the Launch and Multiplication along with giving short tests for Icon clarification and lists such as three ways to get good feedback, website must-haves or five C’s to launch Icon Building projects. Focusing on motivation, he promotes that perfect practice makes perfect, accept your mistakes and learn from them.

With name dropping and a plug for his wife’s publishing company, he knows the value of getting people to like, admire, respect and trust him, which leads to his successful mantra: the bigger the Icon, the bigger the opportunity.

For a young person starting a business, a floundering company in need of a change or an older person attempting to recreate his or her life, this book is a fast, quick read with humble cheer-leading inspiration. The author’s biography in itself is an interesting process of one’s young life with so much still ahead of him.

This book was furnished by the publicist for review purposes.

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