Author: Linda Heavner Gerald.

Publisher: Publish America
ISBN: 978-1462675241

From the intriguing beginning to the scary boyfriend/fiancé, this thrilling story raises tension. I found myself urging Tory, the heiress, not to do some of the things her supposed boyfriend, Jack, was urging/coercing her to do. If you have ever had a strong-willed person try to bully you into something, this book will resonate with those feelings and push it to the extremes.

Opening with memories of a walk near the Beaufort Sound along Front St, the Tory slowly discovers things about herself and her surroundings. When she walks back to the house she has been staying in, she finds Jack who tells her that this is her first day out after a long convalescence. He reminds her of their names. Her basic instincts are to distrust Jack but not to directly confront him because either he or the situation feels dangerous. She doesn’t recall how she and Jack got together or why they are where they are.

Many of the things Jack tells her about their relationship, the house, or who owns the beautiful boat don’t ring true for Tory. Jack insists that Tory must take her medication if she is to get better, but she feels as if her memory and energy levels are worse after taking the medicine rather than better. She begins to ease back on the medications and starts to ‘snoop’ whenever Jack isn’t around.

As Tory discovers more and more details that don’t match with the ‘truth’ Jack insists on, Tory becomes more afraid. Is Jack really her boyfriend? Does Jack have her best interests at heart or is he a vindictive selfish psychopath? Why doesn’t Estelle, the maid seem familiar to Tory? Tory tries to find answers while not alerting Tony to her growing suspicions. Jack’s relationship with Issie also raises internal alerts with Tory and when she finds a card signed ‘love Issie’ this only raises more alarm.

The rhythm of the story draws the reader in even as the terror escalates. This book is enjoyable in the same way that a roller coaster ride is enjoyable. It is nice to see that a scary thriller does not have to be filled with graphic sexual descriptions to be a good read.

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