Author:  Alexandra Monir
Publisher: Delacorte
ISBN: 0385738404

Timekeeper, by Alexandra Monir, is the sequel to her 2012 novel, Timeless.  I didn't realize that Timekeeper was a sequel until I started to do a little research about it before I began reading it.  I'm not one who will normally read a sequel before the first book so I was a bit hesitant to read this without reading Timeless.  However, once I started reading Monir's Timekeeper I was relieved to find that I was able to follow the novel easily without needing to have read the first book.

Timekeeper is part of the Young Adult Literature genre.  I was quickly drawn into the novel as the plot and characters unfolded before me.  Timekeeper was a very fast read- at 260 pages I was able to finish it in one day.  Granted, I couldn't put it down!  Monir did a great job in creating a realistic world where a secret society of timekeepers dwelled.  In Timekeeper,  teenaged Michele has discovered that she posses a special gene that has been passed down to her from the father she never met.  This gene, along with a special key that was once his, allows her to travel to both the past and the future.  Early in the novel Michele finds out that someone from her father's past wants her dead.  She has seven days before the threat becomes a reality.  Michele comes up with a plan which includes traveling to the past to learn as much about her father and the mystery woman as she can.

Also center stage in Timekeeper is Michele's relationship with a boy named Philip.  Monir explains in her second novel that Michele met and fell in love with Philip when she traveled to the past in Timeless.  However, not knowing how to control her time traveling, Michele was unable to stay and live her life with Philip.  He promised her that one day he would find her.  Fast forward to Michele's present day high school and in walks a new student that looks exactly like Philip and even shares his name.  On top of trying to prevent herself from being murdered, Michele also tries to figure out how Philip found her...and why he has no memory of their past.    

I found the character of Michele's ancestor Rebecca interesting.  Rebecca lived in the 1880's and was a close friend to Irving, Michele's father.  While Rebecca doted on Irving, she was mean spirited to everyone else that she came in contact with.  Rebecca was a very self centered character, and it surprised me that Irving would befriend her in the first place. However, since they were brought up together as children it makes sense that he would look past her flaws.  I really enjoyed seeing the mystery of Rebecca unfold, and learning how she became such a powerful time traveler.  Monir did a great job in connecting all of the different times being visited and having the storyline flow easily.  

Alexandra Monir's Timekeeper is a novel that I recommend to all lovers of Young Adult Literature and the paranormal genre.  While you would not have to read Timeless, the first book in the series, I think that you will want to in order to see first hand the background of the characters.  I am curious to see if there will be a book number three in this series.  If so, it will definitely be on my To Be Read list!

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