Author Cherie Calbom, MS, CN.

Publisher: Siloam (January 8, 2013)
ISBN-10: 162136030X    ISBN-13: 978-1621360308 

Cherie Calbom, the “Juice Lady,” knows how to stir things up. 

The author of The Juice Lady’s Turbo Diet, The Juice Lady’s Living Foods Revolution, and Juicing for Life has just released her latest book, and she invites you to get in the kitchen and begin your own journey to health and revitalization with her tasty original juice recipes for every possible need. Of special interest to those dealing with health issues, her chapter on juice remedies and rejuvenators may transform you from failure to fitness with the push of a button.

Living life to the fullest is what The Juice Lady’s Big Book of Juices and Green Smoothies packages in a delectable combination of delicious drinks, green smoothies, gourmet juices, and her personal favorites. “Whether you are just getting started juicing or you’ve been juicing a long time, you probably have a few questions about this subject,” she begins in the first chapter. “I answer most of the questions I am frequently asked about juicing and juice nutrition. I also share guidelines for choosing a good juicer. And I answer some frequently asked questions about making a juice, such as which fruits and vegetables should be peeled first and which seeds can be juiced. I also give you plenty of tips to make juicing easy and fun.”

Cherie constructs her book in an easy-to-read format that includes many testimonies from consumers. The cookbook spreads out 9 chapters over 223 pages, along with two Appendices and a detailed Notes section in the back matter. Since readers will want to return to the book often to research specific recipes, the book divides the chapters into sections with color-coded paper, which make zeroing in on certain recipe types a snap. The book is written with excellent grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and spelling. The chapters include more than 100 full color illustrations.


Chapters include:

  • All About Juicing

  • Simple Juice Recipes

  • Gourmet and Exotic Juice Blends    

  • Green Juice Recipes

  • Yummy Fruit Juice Blends

  • Old Favorites

  • Juice Remedies and Rejuvenators

  • Green Smoothies

We sampled one recipe from each chapter, beginning with her healthy sugar-free alternative Lemonade:

2-3 Apples

1 lemon, peeled if not organic.


We got in a gourmet mood and tried her Butternut Squash and Apple Juice:

4-5 strips of butternut squash, cut in strips ½ inch by 4 inches

1 apple

1-2 kale leaves

2 ribs of celery with leaves

1-inch chuck ginger root


Going green led us to her Cool Cucumber:

1 cucumber peeled if not organic

2 ribs of celery with leaves

2 leaves baby bok choy

2 romaine lettuce leaves

2-3 carrots, scrubbed well, tops removed, ends trimmed

3-4 sprigs cilantro3-4 sprigs mint

1 lime, peeled if not organic


In the mood for some old-fashioned Fruit Punch, we sampled:

2 apples

¼ honeydew melon with rind if organic

1 cup red grapes

½ lemon, peeled if not organic

1-inch chunk ginger root


For a gym in a juice, we experimented with Cranberry-Pear Fat Buster:

2 pears

½ cucumber, peeled if not organic

¼ lemon, peeled if not organic

2 tablespoons cranberries, fresh or thawed if frozen

½-1-inch chunk ginger root


The Brain Helper recipe sounded good one foggy-headed morning:

1 handful of parsley

1 dark green lettuce leaf

3 carrots, scrubbed well, tops removed, ends trimmed

1 apple

2-inch chunk ginger root


For a green smoothie on a rough day, we liked the Green Tea Freeze:

1 cup white grapes juice

1 ripe medium pear washed, stem removed, and cut into chunks

1 handful of spinach

1-inch chunk ginger root

6 green tea ice cubes (1 tea bag stepped 20 minutes in a cup of hot water and frozen in an ice cube tray) 

Cherie Calbom, MS, earned the title “The Juice Lady” for her work with juicing and health, her taped HealthWatch segments that have appeared on CNN and scores of TV and radio shows.  She now serves at Bastyr University on the Board of Regents and has practiced as a clinical nutritionist at St. Luke Medical Center in Bellevue, Washington.  

Nearly every recipe seems personalized because of Cherie’s little tips that are laced around the drink details. She provides all of her most popular recipes for juicing, smoothies, shakes, soups, and sauces, in this complete volume of ideas for powerful nutrition and a convenient healthy meal and snack alternative. With The Juice Lady’s Big Book of Juices and Green Smoothies, you can mix, blend, beat, swirl, and whip a different daily drink. There’s something for everyone.

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