Author: Roma Downey with Carolyn Larsen
Illustrator: Rick Incorcci
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-4143-7022-4

Learning about God and Jesus in simple children’s stories can be a wonderful memory to a young child. In Roma Downey’s Little Angeles Bible Storybook, an adolescent can not only understand about different well-known stories in the Bible, he or she also can learn about colors, numbers, places, songs and historical people.

In this four hundred and thirty-one page hardbound book in Roma Downey’s “Little Angels” series, there are one hundred popular Bible stories told, forty-six from the Old Testament and fifty-four from the New Testament. Each story written by Carolyn Larsen is four pages long with simple yet expressive illustrations by Rick Incrocci. At the end of the book, there are two pages each for topics such as special Bible verses to remember, ten commandments written for children, facts about angels and miracles by Jesus, all with matching Bible verses.

Each story is written in large, easy-to-read font with its title and referenced Bible verses at the top of the right side of the page with a drawing at the bottom. The bottom of the left side has an “I learned that …” section with an application for the reader. On the next page the story continues with another illustration. The fourth page has an “I can …” section that is an activity to do, followed with a short prayer and a Bible verse from the New Living Translation.

On each fourth page of the completion of the story, one of two young children are depicted that represent preschool or younger aged children. There are eight individual miniature angels dedicated to each story that can be found on the pages, based on their personality of harmony, creativity, logic, learning, leadership, guardianship, messenger capabilities or animal characteristics.

Starting from Genesis with God creating the universe to Jesus returning in Revelation, the plethora of short, simple and Biblical values, beliefs, parables and tomes are told to promote more understanding of God in a young child.

Biblical stories range from the famous Noah Builds a Big Boat, David Fights a Giant and Baby Jesus is Born to easily forgotten ones such as Ravens Give Elijah Food, A Widow’s Boy Lives Again and Peter Escapes Jail. One innocuous example is Twelve Scouts from Numbers where scouts go into the Promised Land but only two recommending returning. Under the “I learn …” section, trusting and having faith is promoted. In the “I can …” section, the Angel of Learning challenges to take twelve pennies and keep two apart from the others. The prayer is about trusting God and the verse is from Isaiah 41:10 about not being afraid.

With the large colorful drawings, the short reading and the tiny angels placed purposefully on the pages, this is an exceptional way to encourage learning about God, praying and being a better person. It is a great gift for a young family to read out loud by beginner readers, parents or grandparents and follow along, doing the small creative project, saying a simple prayer and reading a Bible verse.

This book was furnished by Tyndale House Publishers for review purposes.

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