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David W. Menefee

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By David W. Menefee
Published on April 15, 2013

Author: Tim McHyde.

ASIN: 097968871X

Tim McHyde.

ASIN: 097968871X


The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse may be nearer than most people think. 

In the Bible and Torah book of Daniel, we can read many prophecies that describe the chronology of the End of Days. However, the ancient prophet clearly does not comprehend the prophesies: “And I heard but did not understand and I said, 'Master, what is the End (Aharit) of all these things?’” (Daniel 12:9). The angel explains to Daniel that the meaning of the visions will remain undecipherable until the events of the End of Days:  “And he said, ‘Go Daniel, for the things are closed up and sealed until the end time.’” (Daniel 12:10).

Nowadays, we hear from many self-proclaimed prophets and seers who claim to have unsealed those things. Have you noticed how many of them are proven wrong? For decades, several well-meaning and popular radio and television prophecy ministers have stirred up intense discussions that left viewers utterly confused with their blatantly contradictory, dogmatic views and their attempts to force fit current events into their analyses of Bible prophesies. For example, with good intentions, Harold Camping predicted that on May 21 and again on October 21, 2011 Jesus would return to bring an end to the age. Both dates passed without His return, and Camping lost what credibility he had with the public. Then, myriad doomsayers recently prophesied that the End of the Age would happen on December 21, 2012. That date also passed without as much as a ruffle.

So, who can we believe? 

Most theologians deem that you can only have faith in the Holy Scriptures, but even those writings warn us in Matthew 24:36: " . . . of that day and hour knoweth no man." So, if the Bible flatly tells us that we cannot ever know exactly when or where End Times events will transpire, how can so many scholars dare to profess to have disciphered the ancient riddles?

Tim McHyde has obviously learned from other’s mistakes. He does not claim to be a prophet or to be inspired by the Holy Spirit; he merely teaches from the Bible. He does not set dates nor make predictions; he simply attempts to explain the predictions already given to us by God's real prophets. McHyde does not claim that God called him to interpret prophecy, do “God's work,” or possess all the answers. Yet, his new book, Know the Future A Bible Prophecy Breakthrough From Overlooked Keys in the Words of Jesus provides many solid answers that he firmly believes are correct. What differentiates him from so many others is that he allows for the possibility that his conclusions can change if and when circumstances pan out differently than they appear likely to now. Like all these men and women who struggle to discern the truth of these matters, his interpretations of current events in politics and religion bare a closer examination. His book makes for fascinating reading. 

Know the Future consists of three self-contained books that cover the following:

Planet X in Bible Prophecy

Revelation Roadmap

Mystery of Disunity 

The author has compiled 17 chapters spread out over 134 pages, plus Appendixes, an Afterword, and a Glossary. Each chapter unfolds in neatly detailed subheadings, all of which are noted in the Table of Contents, which makes for easy return visits and further research. He writes with excellent grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and spelling.

The monumental work unveils several compelling interpretations of prophetic scriptures. When taken in light of current events playing out almost daily in world news headlines, the author’s explanations seem to indicate that mankind has journeyed well down the road to ruin and nothing less than the return of the Messiah to set up His long-prophesied 1,000-year reign of peace will save us. Many will entirely agree, while other will definitely differ. Let each reader arrive at his or her own conclusions. 

Footnotes, charts, graphs, well-documented sources, accurate quotes, illustrations, and easy to understand explanations abound in McHyde's breathtaking new book. Readers can count on spending many hours exploring the innumerable details, comparing them to what others are teaching, and trusting God to direct their discernment of the details. 

We have no way of knowing whose amplification of scriptural End Time prophecies will ultimately prove true until history fully unfolds. For now, the Holy Scriptures remain our one infallible source of Truth on our walk and God’s guidance lingers as the unfaltering lamp unto our feet, yet a book like Tim McHyde’s Know the Future A Bible Prophecy Breakthrough From Overlooked Keys in the Words of Jesus provides a careful, caring companion to our studies along the way.   

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