Author: Brendan McNeely

 ISBN 13: 9781481912099  

Publisher: Createspace


Imagine a world without the beauty of colors. What would happen if you woke up one day and the world was like the old black and white programs on television before color was invented? Color adds animation, vibrancy and distinction to a room properly decorated, a yard with beautiful flowers or a party with vividly placed decorations and favors. Eve and Harry decided that watching television, playing games or even their toys did not hold their attention any longer. They were as some kids say: TOTALLY BORED and looking for something more exciting and interesting to do. But, since they had no idea what that was at this time they opted to go to bed. Eve’s room was purple and filled with many other beautifully pictured stuffed animals, games and room furniture. Pondering what she might do to liven things up to appears that she fell asleep. But, did she?

Eve and Harry just wanted an adventure and believe or not sometimes you get what you wish for and more. Poor Eve woke up the next morning and low and behold what she saw or actually did not see caused her to run and get Harry, go outside and witness some of the strangest things. Would you believe they saw an elephant that was hot pink? How about an orange crocodile, a blue dog and a green chicken? Thinking about what they saw they soon realized that someone, they did not know who stole all of the colors or color in the world and then recolored some things with the wrong colors. Eve and Harry decided to explore even more and entered Gloomy Forest. Gloomy Forest does not have the vibrant colors that most forests have like Hiawatha National Forest or even Coconino National Forest. What they saw entering was just a black and white forest devoid of any color. 

Walking through the forest they looked down on the ground and could not believe what they saw! Colorful blobs almost like blob prints on the forest’s floor. But, Eve and Harry were brave and kept going deeper into the forest to see just where these blobs originated and who was responsible for making them. You just won’t believe it when I tell you so I guess you just might have to find the illustration with the pink, green and yellow horned cow to learn just how serious this problem was and why our two sleuths you might say were going to solve the case of the Missing Colors. But, there is much more as author and illustrator Brendan McNeely takes readers both adult and children deeper into the interior of Gloomy Forest to solve the mystery.

Knuckles the Cat is blue and belongs to Professor Winklecrank. Poor Knuckles is no longer the right color and perhaps if they follow him they might learn just why. Our brave detectives found the hideout of this professor and what they saw clarified the problem but could they stop what this man started? Why did he steal all of the colors? What did he hope to accomplish and could they convince him to give back the colors? 

Professor WInklecrank was not a happy man and was just trying to brighten up the forest and make it a more beautiful place. So, what happens and can they convince him to give back the colors? What happens when they offer to help him make Gloomy Forest a more beautiful place? A Colourless Tale is a cute, short and definitely interesting story of two young children who find watching television, playing games and with their toys not stimulating enough and want to explore other avenues. Without colors everything would look the same and the world would be dull and in some cases quite boring. We could not tell what patterns were wearing, if our clothes match or even our eye color. So, what happens when they try and stop what he started? Find out when you read this original, well-illustrated story that reminds readers young and old why colors bring a smile to our faces and brighten the world. Eve and Harry are really quite intuitive and enjoy solving a good mystery. The author might consider writing another story using these two children as detectives or advisors for this Professor in order to make sure that this problem does not happen again. For those children and adults that want to insure that Gloomy Forest has colorful trees, grass and more feel free to create your own colors as the author included a black and white picture for readers to color in. This is definitely a great way to get children to find other interest rather than watching television or playing board games. It teaches teamwork, respect and how to handle a problem. So, the next time you are bored maybe all you need is a box of colorful paints or crayons and a beautiful forest to decorate.

 Follow Here To Purchase A Colourless Tale: It all began with two children that were bored. Then all the colour disappeared, except for blobs of colour leading into Gloomy ... be! It was up to Eve and Harry to find out!

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