Author: Thomas Wm. Hamilton

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing

ISBN:  978-1-62212-028-4

Thomas Hamilton subtitles his collection of short stories, The Mountain of Long Eyes, an anthology of science fiction and fantasy. This brought to mind Rod Serling’s excellent definition: ‘Fantasy is the impossible made probable; science fiction is the improbable made possible.‘Anyone of a certain age remembers Rod Serling’s riveting TV series, The Twilight Zone, all 156 episodes of which graced CBS from 1959 -1961.

The author of this volume of science fiction and fantasy, Thomas Hamilton is a retired professor of astronomy and a planetarium director. Born in San Francisco, Larkin Street is named for the author’s great-great-grandfather. Asteroid 4897 was named in Hamilton’s honor and is called Tomhamilton. He has written several books and is working on the next about the moons in the solar system.

Science fiction has a noble pedigree and can count among its ancestors Shakespeare’s The Tempest and Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels. As well one could add classics like Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and H.G.Wells’s War of the Worlds. My own youth with it’s love of comic books remembers fondly the characters Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon; modern readers will be well acquainted with the work of Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, Ray Bradbury, and Stanislaw Lem

The Mountain of Long Eyes contains 28 stories of widely varying themes - politics, terrorism, ghosts, time travel, and magic. Lovers of sc-fi will be pleased and rewarded with this addition to their collections. 

***From the Author's Website:

"Thomas Wm. Hamilton knew he wanted to be a writer since he was young. “When I was 11 years old and I didn’t like the way Mark Twain ended Tom Sawyer Abroad, I decided to write my own ending.”

Born in San Francisco, the author grew up in New York and New Hampshire. He is a retired astronomer who taught in college for 32 years, worked in several planetariums, and worked on the Apollo Project. In 2009 the International Astronomical Union recognized his contrbutions to the field of astronomy by naming asteroid 4897 Tomhamilton. In 2010 the International Planetarium Society at its conference held in Alexandria, Egypt, designated him as a Fellow of the Society.

Thomas Wm. Hamilton lives on Staten Island, New York, and is working on his next book about the moons in the solar system."

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