Author: Ryan T. Bliss
Publisher: Ryan T. Bliss, Artsy Bee, LLC
ISBN: 978-0-615-75521-2

Good ideas are easy to spot, They make you excited, all tingly and hot. Bad ideas are a swindling lot, They make you believe that they’re good, but they’re not.” Ryan T. Bliss rhymes in his children’s book, Mooseclumps and Other Stories.

At fifty-eight pages, this over-sized hardbound book has an illustration of a cat with a crooked crown on his head on the front glossy cover. The back cover has a happy and sad simplistic ink drawing of Never Is and Never Was, correlating to a short verse above them. Inside are about fifty short poems and rhymes targeted toward children ages five to ten years old yet they can be enjoyed by any age reader or poetry enthusiast.

In this collection of stories, Bliss is both author and artist with whimsical, sophomoric drawings of animals, people and scenes that depict the written tome. Mostly done in black and white, there are occasional splashes of color that catch the eye on various pages. Large plain, fanciful or unique fonts are used for the stories’ titles with some punctuation and capitalization errors for emphasis in the verses.

Trampolines, frogs, mangors and robots compete with ice cream soup, ladders, lullabies and bathrooms as readers turn page after page of short poetry aimed at noticing the sometime banal, unbelievably different or totally absurd in the world that surrounds us with these few examples:

When I was nine, my mother said that she had eyes in the back of her head. To keep me wondering if it was true, she’d wash her hair with tear-free shampoo.”

Everyone’s born with a beak. You have it for nearly a week. Then one day you cough, The beak falls off, And you hope there’s a nose underneath.”

Beware of the The – the The sneaks up on helpless words and makes them nouns instead of verbs, The run, The dance, The jump, The fall, that ruthless The transformed them all.”

Although there is the use of occasional poor verbiage to accent or rhyme and some words that young ones may not comprehend, this children’s book is an easy read as a bed-time story or once a day tale to discuss and ponder. With the charming, engaging drawings and imaginative, sometimes far-fetched and witty content of each poem, Bliss must have a lot of time on his hands to come up with the creativity of the out of the box topics!

This book was furnished by the author for review purposes.

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