Author: Chris Williams

Publisher: Outskirts Press

ISBN: 978-1-4327-8765-3

                                                       This is My Story, It is Real

In today’s world, reality TV shows seem to be the most intriguing and most frequently watched forms of entertainment. People like to see something REAL, something that maybe they can relate to, have felt or want to feel.... This is a reality book. This is MY story. It is real, it is just reality and how I dealt with it. It isn’t a step-by-step guide.” - Chris Williams.

The title of this book is telling. It was within “The Sound of Silence” that the author made a choice- a choice that mattered.

Chris Molitor is a gregarious, fun loving teenager who loves to party with her friends. Her rather large family is loving and supportive of her in every way. Besides, she is the youngest of the family. So when she tells them she is pregnant, her parents help her to come to terms with the fact, by gently showing her the options available to her, to keep the baby, to adopt or put it up for adoption. Unable to face the stark reality of the situation at the time, she storms into her room, her mind awhirl with emotion. Once there, she turned desperately to the Source within for a solution and surrenders the problem to its’ wisdom. The answer echoed in a song that started playing on the radio “....But I’ve made up my mind, I’m keeping my baby”.

Circumstances do not ease for Chris because of this decision. She learns first hand how society views unwed mothers. Not only that, she experiences the wrath of her boyfriends’ ex, and though she has the support of her family and a sizeable circle of friends,  the continual animosity from those quarters, is something she has to learn to live with. She also has to garner financial support for her child, by working at a job and complete her schooling as well. We see her losing her zest for parties, in order to be with her son, despite offers from her family to babysit. Her boyfriend, George Williams, enters the scene only later, to give the story a happy ending.

This book is the very real story of the passionate search for answers that depict the transformation of the spoilt and protected Chris Molitor into the confident author, speaker and mother of three, Chris Williams. Her calm acceptance of her own situation, also serves to provide support and counsel to other teenage mothers faced with similar problems.

Never, in this book, does Chris Williams, glorify herself in any way. Her story is told with a rare honesty and intensity, making it a fast read, one seeks to catch up with events as they unfold. One senses the sequence of events unfurl as a direct consequence of emotional change.

Teenage mothers would find this book especially helpful. For most others, this is a book that will hold your interest during the reading and might even revive your faith in God.

Warmly recommended.

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