Author: Joel Goldman
ISBN 978-0-7860-2040-9
Publisher: Pinnacle (Kensingtonbooks)

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Riveting! This brilliantly written second edition in the Jack Davis’ series by Joel Goldman grabs your attention from page one as the scene of a December 1959 double murder unfolds. No one was ever charged for the homicides, in which the daughter was a witness to, but lucky to have been brave enough to jump from her second story bedroom to avoid the assailant.

The story then jumps to present day, January 2009, as Jack Davis meets with a friend to discuss his delicate “services” in need once again. Davis is a former FBI agent who had left the agency for health reasons. The complications of his disease made it impossible for him to fulfill his duties at the agency. His son was murdered years before and more recently, his daughter has passed away.

But Simon, who is in a security business, needed him now. Milo Harper’s foundation was doing studies on the human brain. But some of the study participants are dying. Not only that, but dying exactly in the way they’ve dreamed they would die.

The foundation, The Harper Institute, are performing the studies to try to find ways to cure Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases. But the studies are now pointing to deaths and could be the end of the institute!

Jack, even with his physical and sometimes debilitating limitations, agrees to help his friend Simon but soon discovers, he’s become involved in something much worse than “unexplained deaths”. There’s a serial killer loose and Jack must find out the truth and who is behind the now determined, murders.

Joel Goldman has a unique style as his story unfolds in the first person, putting you into the head of Jack Davis. I found this to be quite gripping and captivating.

The novel itself is quite long, so you can’t read it all in one sitting, but you’ll find it difficult to find a place to “stop for the night”. Realistically set in the Kansas City area, I found the book to be very believable since I also live in the Kansas City area and my books are also based around the Kansas City area, however in a fictitious setting based around the Kansas City area.

Goldman’s realistic setting, fast-paced dialogue and chilling plotting will have you wanting to read more in this gritty suspense series. I’m looking forward to more of this author’s work.

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