Author: Steven F. Hotze, M.D. with Kelly Griffin
Publisher: Forrest Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9765751-0-8

The most reliable indication of a hormonal problem is how a patient feels physically, mentally, and emotionally. Likewise, the most important criteria for evaluating the benefits of treatment are the resolution of symptoms and the overall improvement in the patient’s well-being,” Doctor Steven F. Hotze states in his book, Hormones, Health, and Happiness – A Natural Medical Formula for Rediscovering Youth with Bioidentical Hormones.

This three hundred and fifty-one page hardcover book is mainly targeted toward older women who are in or past menopause but it can be applicable to younger women in regard to estrogen and progesterone and men with testosterone issues. After six pages of acknowledgements including meeting his cheerleader wife and hiring a great office employee, it is broken down into thirteen chapters that describe an eight-point treatment of airborne and food allergies, yeast infections, hyperthyroidism, hormone imbalance, adrenal fatigue, lack of vitamins along with minerals and unbalanced nutrition. Almost one hundred and fifty pages are dedicated to the appendixes that include seven simplistic “yes or no” health questionnaires, nutrition, vitamin and mineral information, yeast-free eating schedules, food recipes, and an at-home test for thyroid function as well as resources, bibliography, several clinical studies with charting and an extensive index.

Since Hotze is the founder of his own wellness center, he is very proactive in promoting natural bioidentical human hormones as he does not trust currently prescribed “counterfeit” therapy or medical lab results. With a series of mostly females’ histories, he gives a myriad of diagnoses for chronic complaints that could be remedied by listening to, caring for and appreciating the patients, which is lacking in everyday doctors’ appointments.

Besides stating allergy drops work better than shots, hyperthyroidism is an epidemic, cortisol aids in adrenal fatigue issues, wild yam cream does not work, and most prescription drugs negatively affect nutrient levels, the author explains in detail a woman’s monthly cycle and how estrogen dominance effects not only reproductive organs but also the thyroid, bones, brain, allergies and breast cancer.

Although he does not explain how to determine the amount of bioidentical hormones needed except that it is only available by prescription, the reader does gleam some information that there are natural alternatives to other regularly prescribed medicines for our ailing and aging problems that may not harm our bodies.

With occasionally going off topic about his personal life, HMOs and showing chemical reaction diagrams only chemists would understand, the author suggests simply eating healthier using his recipes, visiting as many doctors necessary to get to the root of the problem, taking vitamins with minerals and considering a wellness center that provides natural bioidentical hormone therapy.

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