Author: Mike Holmes
Publisher: Time Home Entertainment Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-60320-967-0

Holmes, Sweet Holmes! If you have watched Mike Holmes on his famed television show, Holmes on Homes, you will not be disappointed with his detailed-oriented, obsessive to outright picky expert ideas and great advice in his book, Mike Holmes: Kitchens and Bathrooms.

In this oversized paperback book, there are almost two hundred and fifty pages dedicated to designing or renovating only kitchens and bathrooms. Beautiful glossy photographs cover more than half the pages with “Mike’s Tips” set apart in blue boxes, bullet formatted questions to consider, at-a-glance charts of product options, and follow-up checklists at each chapter ending along with a glossary and index.

Promoting using contractors and not doing the task completely by the novice, the book is targeted toward those who want to learn every nuance, step, consideration and choice available when considering updating, changing, gutting or designing the perfect kitchen or bathroom.

Starting at the beginning with Holmes’s usual overly extensive inspection of what does not show visually but behind the walls, he explains how to hire and work with a contractor. A chapter on green options on both venues is discussed for the best outcomes. There are individual chapters on kitchens and baths, explaining all details including flooring, appliances, cabinets, lighting, electrical, and water access. His final chapter reminds the homeowner to build to last, not cut corners like done so often in today’s homes.

In addition to the artistic photographs of both types of rooms, Holmes not only gives tips about hidden potential moisture issues, best location of appliances, and using the proper products, but the charts on countertops and flooring types give water-resistance notes, a range of low to high end costs, environmental concerns, features and his recommendations. However, no exact dollar amounts are listed for products by average square footage or even standard expenses for such renovations due to so many current options.

Holmes is a fan of getting a home inspection first, using a professional window installer, and getting every aspect of the project in writing with a holdback clause. He promotes flexible plastic tubing for pipes, proper sized fans and vents, using reclaimed wood as a green choice, having counters next to refrigerators that are placed away from heat sources, using faucets made of brass or stainless steel, not using granite, concrete, stainless steel or paper for kitchen countertops but using ceramic or porcelain tile, natural stone, cork or mesquite for kitchen floors and not using concrete, wood, stainless steel or ceramic tiles on bathroom countertops but using ceramic or porcelain tiles, natural stone, cork, glass or bamboo for bathroom flooring.

For anyone considering updating a kitchen or bath, this is a wonderful, resourceful and instructional book that guides the homeowner through every option and consideration when determining what to do. Sweet, very sweet, Holmes!

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