Author: Patrick J. Ricchiuti  
Publisher: P. J. Ricchiuti
ASIN: B008B9458K

                                          Glimpses from a Different Reality

If there is a true story that is unusual by any standards, one that would stretch your credulity to its limits, this would be it.

The scene opens on a seven year old boy (the author) waking up to see two women, one of whom he recognizes to be his mother and the other, his grandmother. Only this is not an account of any normal seven year old, waking up at some time in the day/night. In the author’s own words, “My very first remembrance of life was awakening as though I had gotten my eight hours of sleep. In fact, I had wakened many years after almost dying. It was 1944-45, almost seven years in a coma. I recall absolutely nothing or anyone prior to opening my eyes for the first time.”

The author was the first son of Italian parents, however his father was an American citizen. He was drafted by the US military and he left for the US in 1941, leaving behind his wife and son in the small, fishing village of Vasto, where the author was born. They were to join him later, after the end of World War II.

This book is about the author’s experiences as a child in Vasto, the voyage to America and his initial stay in Maryland with his father’s sister, before their family reunited in Washington. The events and experiences reported, could seriously stretch the limits of your mind, yet they form an amazingly coherent description of the functioning of a consciousness, not subject to the normal wear and tear of our species. Some nuggets of the author’s extraordinary abilities are as follows in his own words: “I didn’t eat or drink. I could but didn’t desire it”, “I was always comfortable”, “I conversed not in Italian, but unbelievably in English. It could have been that when anyone spoke to me in Italian, it was in Italian, I then heard it in English. When I spoke, it was in English, the receiver then heard it in Italian.”

In this book, the author also views the events of his life from the consciousness of one truly anchored in the Divine Power: ”All I can say for sure is that I spoke and heard only English, never Italian, by virtue of the Divine Power.” This particular attribute did not endear him to his relatives, who left him alone as they believed he was being used by Satanic forces. However, since he did not need to perform many of humanity’s basic physical functions, e.g. eating, drinking and excretion, he was able to survive extreme familial neglect during his formative years. One also gets  a first hand glimpse of how the Divine Power operates through the author, so that his core energy and values are allowed to prevail over unsatisfactory familial circumstances. As the author puts it, “It (this book) is a report or story of a young boy, or a Power, not of Earth, if you wish.”

If you have read Dolores Cannon’s series of books, “The Convoluted Universe”, you will find some sort of parallel to this account. Even so, this book surprised me. My personal guess is this book is written by a consciousness, alien to this planet, having incarnated among us in order to ground a particular energy that is necessary on this planet. An energy of the future, where all interactions between different beings are based on mutual respect and trust.

This book documents only a part of the author’s life, the part before their family was reunited in Washington. It would be interesting to know what transpired later on, a sequel to this book would be worth looking forward to.

As mentioned earlier, this is a book that will stretch your credulity to the limit. However, with the dawning of the Aquarian age, it is great to see such life stories emerging  from their hiding places in the deep recesses of human memory, right out into the open. It is in order to hope that more such people come out with their stories, thus inducing a more open discussion on existential issues. This book is a valuable first in the context of this debate.

Warmly recommended.

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