Author: DiAnn Mills
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 978-0-310-33322-7

No words could describe her distress, but Kariss refused to succumb to tears and regret. A survivor moved forward and learned from the past,” DiAnn Mills pens in her second Houston series novel, The Survivor.

At three hundred and seventy-six pages, this paperback book has a dark haired, beautiful woman standing in the shadows of an alley on the front cover. Three paragraphs about the book and an author biography and photograph are on the back cover. With no profanity but minor slang, references to drug and alcohol use and no overtly sexual scenes, there are depictions of adultery, bar scenes, several killings and child abuse. The tome is targeted toward Christian readers who enjoy suspense, murder, intrigue and romance. The end of the book has notes from the author along with discussion questions for book club reading.

In this second in the series book, fiction writer Kariss Walker and FBI Special Agent Tigo Harris still carry a flame for one another but their past has torn them apart through mistrust and the man’s spiritual condition.

When Kariss is asked by Doctor Amy Garrett to write a novel about her rape and near-death childhood attack, Kariss unknowingly gets involved in the cross-hairs of a twenty-three year old unsolved crime case.

Tigo and his partner Ryan, a Christian who reminds Tigo of God’s continual protection, are caught up in solving a case of a car bomb that killed their boss’s friend Jonathan Yeat’s wife and daughter at their upscale home in Houston, considering it was meant for the wealthy man instead.

When the identical chemical Semtex is used in the bombing of Amy’s vehicle, the two FBI agents have to quickly link both cases together with the few leads provided. Was the motive of hate from Jonathan’s terminated employees or to hide Pastor Yeat’s affair with Jonathan’s sister-in-law? Did the shady past of Jonathan’s wife connect to Amy’s counseling business that helps abused women? Or was Amy’s own mentally unstable brother, Baxter, behind the car incident that drove Kariss, her sister and niece off the road? Family secrets of the Yeats and Garretts are analyzed, searching the past and present for any pertinent clues including Jonathan’s two young sons and their basketball coach.

With both Kariss and Amy being stubborn and self-assertive, they step over the line more than once trying to find Amy’s attacker, drawing him into a game of cat and mouse with quotes from well-known suspense novels while Tigo tries to fit the puzzle pieces together as he considers a relationship with God, wishing to restore his love for Kariss.

The author’s having a novel within a novel is novel - a page turner that leaves the reader guessing who the culprit is up to the end.

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