Author: Walter C. Thompson, M.D.

Publisher: His Image Publication

ISBN: 978-0-9841821-1-4

Walter C. Thompson, M.D. has written an extensive book titled, Health Smart – A Rational No-Nonsense Practical Approach to Health which is a collection of works from more than thirty professionals. He approaches the book from not only a medical standpoint but a religious one as well; verifying that God is the One Who is the Great Physician Who indeed is capable to heal us.

At first one is taken with how much God-talk and Biblical reference is blended into each chapter about health, living and medicine as it is refreshing and well-regarded for anyone who believes in God, the Creator of mankind. However, there is an undercurrent of something amiss in the process.

Among the over one thousand thin pages, sections are devoted to caring for the sick, emergency and first aid, symptoms and treatments of diseases, specific diseases, special health needs, principles to live by, healing agents, how to do procedures, how to cope in the modern world, health management, helping others and the philosophy of health and healing. There is an additional twenty two page index and a one hour and twenty-minute CD included for reference to guide one through the massive book.

Blending medical, holistic and simple techniques with sound medical advice to common treatments of diseases and ailments, short paragraphs with bold bullet point topics are noted but are not in great detail of description, diagnosis and treatment. No drawings or illustrations with only a few charts are included to aid in the diagnosis or instruction process. The assistance of other professionals is listed under each applicable section heading.

Having found no prior reference to what religious sect Thompson is involved in, there is no reference on any part of the jacket cover, the inside foreword, preface, introduction, etc. It is only until the last section of the book that one is clued in that he endorses the Seventh Day Adventists and their beliefs. With the last section a tribute to Ellen White’s philosophies and her religion, this Christian believer appreciated the sound medical advice and Biblical references but felt the book overtly sneaked in their religion, mentioning it finally by name on page one thousand and twenty one and recommends one researching common errors of this particular faith.

However, if this religious affiliation were posted on the cover or earlier in the book as it should have been due to its plethora of references, this reader would not have requested reviewing the book.

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