Author: Debora J. McLaughlin
Publisher: Balboa Press
ISBN: 9781452552415

Are you an employer who has the full engagement of your employees? On average it's estimated that many companies only have 27% of employees who are actively engaged in the company and its goals. The average cost of disengaged employees can cost employers $240-$270 billion a year in lost productivity. Are these figures shocking to you? How will you be working to make sure you have all the strategies in place to make your company and its employees more productive? The Renegade Leader and its I.N.F.L.U.E.N.C.E. Framework can help you and your organization become successful and profitable.

If you lead teams that lack performance, don't trust you and feel as though your leaderships skills are lacking, then this guide will help you to create a company culture, tune into your employees and unlock the potential of your teams. According to McLaughlin, “There is accumulating evidence that corporations fail because there prevailing focus in on revenues, reducing costs, and improving operations. Of course, you recognize these functions as the arterial system of your organization. But what creates the pulse of the organization, feeds all of its roadways, and makes it sustainable? The people who work for you.” If you want a “people-centered” style of management the I.N.F.L.U.E.N.C.E. Framework offers you a roadmap to help get everyone on board.

What will this guide do for you? It will help you Inspire your team, Nourish trust, Foster leadership, Listen to quiet or unfamiliar voices, Unleash the potential in your people, Engage in transparent communication, Notice and recognize achievements, Create a culture of collaboration, and Enjoy and respect diversity. Each letter in the I.N.F.L.U.E.N.C.E. Framework is a chapter that goes into great detail on how to make it work for you. Along the way readers are introduced to a company and its CEO. Each chapter provides help to the CEO so you can see first hand how the framework worked for him. Also, there is a follow up chapter that informs readers how the CEO and his company progressed after only one year.

Readers will find quotes, questions to ponder along with helpful answers. The back of the book has additional resources, an about the author section and how you can directly work with her. If you are an organization that is stuck this guide is the key to your success. Getting with the program of growing your company and empowering your employees is really very simple.

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