Author : Jeff Rivera


Falisha Whiskers had resolved that she would never flush her little brother down the toilet again after she went through the whole process of bringing him back from the Yuck Kingdom in the first book Um…Mommy I Think I Flushed my Brother Down the Toilet. But she does exactly the same thing again. Though she pretends to be very innocent about it in front of her mother, her mother insists that she goes down the toilet herself and brings her brother back before their father comes home. 

All equipped with gumboots, raincoat, plunger and rolls of toilet paper, Falisha embarks on a rescue mission on the Yuck Kingdom. She has to find her little brother in the dark, smelly gross place.

Author has addressed a topic which is very common in any household with more than a single child and the elder ones do get annoyed by the younger siblings many times. The author understand the dynamics between siblings very well.  In this imaginary tale, the elder sister acts on her displeasure and actually flushes her brother down the toilet. Though as a parent I would not want to offer such books to children but in the end Falisha rescues her brother and his friends in the Yuck Kingdom who had been captured by the Toilet Paper King - the most evil king of all. With Falisha in the lead and hundreds of Slumpies at her command; they march towards the abode of Toilet Paper King to bring Jessie and his friends back and what an intelligent method they use to defeat the Paper King. Falisha ends up making a lot of Slumpy friends herself and they all are indebted to her for giving them their freedom. 

Kids love rhyming quirky phrases and the narrative has tons of these - Urpies Bumpies, Slumpy Burpies. Jeff Rivera has gifted a tale resplendent with stench, slime and grime to little children. The book has more chances of being enjoyed by toddlers and very young children till age 6 years, for the rhyming meaningless nonsensical words and adventure in the toilet land but it is not for beyond that age group. It is best for read along with children because though the level of story is for age group 4-6 years, the quantum of text on every alternate page and the difficulty level of words is a little higher than that age group of children so there is a slight mismatch there. 

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