Author: a traditional song, adapted by Music Together LLC / Kenneth K. Guilmartin

Illustrator: Nancy Meyers

Publisher: Music Together LLC

Board Book: ISBN: 978-0-9855719-5-5 

Hardback: ISBN: 978-0-9855719-4-8


One Little Owl is the third book in the Music Together Singalong Storybook Collection. Music Together celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary this year. An internationally recognized childhood music and movement program, it was founded on the belief that every child has the inherent ability to be musical, as long as he or she is introduced to music at an early age. One Little Owl is therefore intended for very young children, particularly children one to seven years of age; however, people of all ages will love it.

The illustrations by Nancy Meyers are charming. They provide lovely and lively images to accompany the new words that the child will pick up by reading and hearing the book. Words like “squirrel,” “owl,” and “cat” are brought to life by the beautiful, colorful pictures. The animals make all kinds of unique sounds which will surely be enjoyed by the young. Through repetition and lyrical linguistic patterns, new language learners will start learning how to count and speak. Older kids, too, will enjoy the zany scenes of more and more birds, animals, and people ending up the in the old oak tree.

One Little Owl is accompanied by learning activities which will inspire children and parents to thoroughly participate in—and even add to—the story. The song is also available for purchase.

I would recommend this book particularly as educational and entertaining, particularly for very young children.

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