Author: Felice Cantatore
Publisher:  iUniverse
ISBN: 978-1-4697-0727-3 (sc)
ISBN: 978-1-4697-0726-6 (hc)
ISBN: 978-1-4697-0725-9 (e)

                                Living an Archetype

It is commonly acknowledged that if you are in tune with your purpose in life, outer events will synchronize themselves to get you where you have decided to go. Finding your purpose in life is a goal which many of us have early on, but lose sight of under the pressures of daily existence, or under misconceptions as to what life would look like, if one did live out our individual archetypes. This book provides an example of what can happen when one follows one’s heart and vision, in spite of raised eyebrows from  society in general and disguised ridicule from associates in particular.

Felice Cantatore learned about the film “Rocky” when he was barely eleven years old. He wheedled his older brother to take him to see the film and it made a tremendous impact on him. The story of the “underdog wins on account of his willpower” inspired him to the core, it imprinted deep into his psyche, the “Rocky” message of “where there is a will, there is a way.”

Later versions of the Rocky saga followed and Felice collected as many Rocky paraphernalia as he could get, while getting married, building a family and also a career as a newspaper columnist. One day he learns of the launch of the sixth movie in the “Rocky” series and decides to inveigle himself into the film as an extra. Before his motivation, all obstacles and roadblocks melt away as he gets ringside seats at the filming (with a full screenshot), photos with Sylvester Stallone and access and photo opps with the rest of the cast. Later on, he arranged a promotion  for the premiere of the same film in Philadelphia in December 2006. At the close of the gala evening following the premiere, his wife, Chrissy, took a picture of him in a victory pose, when there was an unexpected flash of light. Chrissy thought that the camera had burnt itself out, but the flash of light was captured as an orb in the resulting photograph, and even the camera was intact. Felice interpreted this photo as a blessing from above, it bolstered his conviction that he was on a spiritual path with the “Rocky” saga. This was further confirmed by the appearance of the film called “The Secret” and the ensuing discussions around the Law of Attraction.

The next project in the Rocky saga was the writing of this book. Though it was written by early 2010, Felice sensed that something was lacking. That something turned out to be the actual experience of a boxing match. Felice, a novice was trained in the sport by a coach who understood the wellsprings of his trainee’s motivation and he won a tournament against an opponent, somewhat larger and heavier than him.

This book is clearly an inspirational story, but there is more to it than just that. For me, personally, it testifies to the fact that when we make the decision to dedicate our lives to a certain vision that we have of ourselves, that vision does not have to be grandiose or pretentious in any way. If it is genuinely our archetype and we follow it sincerely, giving it all we can, it will, in time, reveal to us, hidden treasures, that we did not even know that we possessed. Cynics will not enjoy this book, dewy-eyed optimists will.

The writing of this book is not too tightly professional, but therein lies its charm. Grappling with subjects like The Law of Attraction in one’s own life is a messy business.

I recommend this book warmly to all those who are looking to move towards their life purpose. They will find seeds of inspiration plus a bird’s eye view of the workings of synchrodestiny.

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