Author: Liz Vaccariello
Publisher: The Reader’s Digest Association
ISBN: 978-1-62145-025-2

When you bring your weight into a healthy range by eating good food that’s good for you, and being active on a daily basis, you improve your overall health,” author Liz Vaccariello, states in the introduction in her book, The Digest Diet Cookbook.

With three hundred and eleven pages in hard cover format, Vaccariello, Editor-in-chief at Reader’s Digest, writes this book in conjunction to her bestseller, The Digest Diet. The cookbook is targeted to those who want to diet, lose weight and have a healthy lifestyle by using her three phase diet plan.

This book is separated into ten chapters followed with an appendix of menus, recipe index, topic index and a conversion chart. The main idea of the diet is explained in the first chapter stating that if we shift our eating habits from eating fat increasers to fat releasers, we can lose weight.

In regard to food, the writer says that fat increasers come from eating too much or too little food with too little satisfaction. Foods containing vitamin C, calcium, protein, healthy fats, coconut oil, resveratrol, fiber, vinegar, quinoa, honey and cocoa are fat releasers. Thus the cookbook is a compilation of increasing the fat releasers and decreasing the fat increasers in our everyday meals.

After a chapter about kitchen tools, appliances and staples, the third chapter shows ways to create your own twenty-one day fat release plan that is broken down into three phases: the first is four days of “fast release,” followed by ten days of “fade away,” and finally seven days of “finish strong” plans.

The next seven chapters are divided into types of meals such as breakfasts, soups, main dishes, one-dish mains, salads, side dishes and desserts. Here each recipe is listed by its dedicated phase. Although there are plenty of suggestions for the second and third phase, there are only six recipes for the four day “fast release” stage out of the one hundred and fifty choices. This shortage is especially noticed in the appendix’s recipe index where one must be allowed only a shake and five soups to stay under the twelve hundred calorie a day requirement for those four days.

In the meal recipe sections, colorful photographs of only some of the recipes are shown so it is up to the reader to wonder how appetizing it looks. Each recipe has its description, the ingredients needed, preparation instructions, and timing along with the fat releasers included and the calorie/content breakdown. In the appendix, it also lists if it is a quick-fix, vegetarian, dairy-free, cooking for one or on a budget meal. Also throughout the book are success pages of actual weight-loss dieters, highlighted “laugh it off” and “our favorite” food sections and charts.

With so many diets out there in the world today, this one will make you drop the pounds, especially during the first four days by consuming so little. By slowly adding back more food into the diet, the object becomes one of increasing the fat releasers and eating healthy meals with this cookbook.

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