Author:Dahlynn McKowen and Ken McKowen
Publisher:Publishing Syndicate
ISBN: 9781938778001

Are you comfortable in your own skin? Are you tired of hiding behind what everyone else thinks you should be doing, thinking and feeling? Well, you are not alone. There are a lot of women who share this sentiment and have openly shared their stories. It's time to laugh and have some fun sharing these hilarious truths and realize you are not alone.

The McKowen's have opened the door for women to walk through and share humorous stories about the things that women do. These precious chapters introduce each woman's story on varied topics. These topics range from getting dressed to hide the unpleasant muffin top, weight issues, boobs, women standing up for themselves to being sensible. Women have poured themselves onto these pages and have also included pictures of themselves and their triumphs.

One example of a story any woman could relate to was sent in by D.A. Brown. She titled her story “Sarong, So Right,” and as you can guess she shares her story about bathing suit blues and how a sarong saved the day. Another story by J.N. Scott provides a sentimental tale of two strangers in a grocery store who brought smiles to men as accidental pinup girls, but not in a bad way. Pinup girls put smiles on the faces of soldiers during the war and the other pinups that J.N. Scott produced were more for advertising some product such as clothing, perfume or similar item. Readers will engage in these stories and feel as though they are apart of a club for women who are simply sitting around talking about random life experiences.

Another tale told in a very eloquent fashion was about an experience with a pimp. E. Denton had a very interesting conversation with a gentleman on a plane and it was his outfit that sparked her curiosity. By the time the flight was over she had learned everything about him. These pages have left no topic unturned. The McKowen's have more than thirty titles in the works and are open for submissions. The back of the book has short bios from all of the participants. A quick and fun read, “Not Your Mother's Book” is a book any reader would love and share.

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