Author: S.L. Holliday
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-4787-1827-7

 Well … it looks as though I have some sort of glow, and I seem to be … flawless.
Like there’s no spots or blemishes.
Exactly. That’s how Heaven sees you, that’s how the Father see you, that’s how I see you. And more importantly, that’s how you need to see yourself – through God’s eyes.”

S.L. Holliday states in her juvenile Christian fiction book, My Identity Christ-is – Stay in the Game.

This one hundred and fifty-four page paperback book is geared toward middle school children, especially those involved in Christianity and their church by having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The beginning of the book has an author introduction of the main character, Victoria, with a list of her spiritual gifts. The story is in play format so would be ideal for the age group to produce at church, youth group or youth camp. With many grammar, punctuation and capitalization errors, the tome uses slang or misspelled words such as ain’t, dang, gonna, u, wanna and yeah that may influence a poor reader. Many Bible verses, Biblical stories and concepts along with the plan of eternal salvation are explained.

This play is about bullying and bickering between two eighth grade girls who are vying for the coveted class president of their school. Joy, from a wealthy extended family, is an over-confident, dramatic and self-assured candidate that will do anything to win the election and gain popularity. Victoria, a preacher’s kid who knows her Bible well but is strong-willed and determined also wants the position, mainly to make improvements to the school.

Written so actual pre-teens can roll-play the characters, one is easily caught up in the constant fighting between the girls, their friends’ frustration to help win and the competitive and sometimes sarcastic thoughts of the rivals.

Victoria, almost too perfect and always looking at the Christ-centered aspect of her actions still comes across as biting and caustic as her counterpart as the two girls go through three election debates. To even the playing field, Joy mentally and physically hurts Victoria, mocks her Christianity publicly and tries to buy her votes through gifts. With the help of her pastor-parents’ church sermons and her Christian friends, Victoria has to choose between playing the same mind games and name calling with Joy or praying and letting God deal with the situation.

Although the dialogue is sophomoric and repetitive at times, the Biblical application is helpful and appropriately applied to the conversations. This book could help a young person to stand their ground on their spiritual beliefs, no matter what the outcome but would be best understood by those with a Christian background.

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