Author: John Horvat II
Publisher: York Press
ISBN: 978-0-9822148-0-4

As long as we are inside the framework of frenetic intemperance, we will always carry the seeds of our own destruction. We must first move outside the framework. There must be a fundamental spiritual transformation that will change our mentalities and mend our ways,” Horvat II explains in his book, Return to Order – From a Frenzied Economy to an Organic Christian Society.

This detailed, Catholic backed and based textbook has three hundred and eighty one pages, one third devoted to where we are currently in modern day America and how we got there and two thirds recommending changes to our society morals, values and thinking. Several black and white photographs, especially those depicting fifteenth to nineteenth century art, are dispersed among the fifty chapters. A glossary, bibliography and an extensive index complete the book’s contents. It is targeted toward Americans who want to correct, change and make better our nation based on Christendom.

The author believes our country has fallen apart economically, politically and morally due to “frenetic intemperance,” an unbalanced drive to reach gigantic proportions in all facets of our American lives that potentially seeks to rid us of restraints and gratify our untamed, disordered passions. He discusses this frustration that has pushed us into an unprecedented crisis by our exaggerated trust in technology, the isolation of our individuality and the obsession with materialism, forcing us to become cold, impersonal, frantic, mechanical beings.

To rid ourselves of this inbred greed, self-absorption and empowerment, Horvat contends that we need to establish “organic Christianity” which counts on God’s grace and His true principles, while respecting the vivacious, spontaneous and creative organic nature of man. He suggests we need to look back at the Middle Ages’ rules of justice, trust, temperance, honor and values along with the medieval man’s desire to be like Christ and apply them to our current society. Changing to a constant commitment to God instead of ourselves would alter our monetary, government, church, family and personal values.

While it is no doubt that the writer explains logically that our society today is frenetic, calloused and non-personal, his described utopia of Christ-centeredness falls short on this earthly plane according to God’s future Biblical millennial kingdom. Granted the concept that we, as a nation or personally, need to always look to and listen to God, one must remember it is only He, not us, that is able to eternally purge us from our born sinful nature to redeem us as true, loving, passionate and responsible human beings.

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