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By Jennifer Andrew
Published on January 29, 2013

Author: Irene Helenowski

ISBN: 9781105654442

Author: Irene Helenowski

ISBN: 9781105654442


Order of the Dimensions is a sci-fi novel set in contemporary times.  The main character, Jane Kremowski, discovers how to travel through dimensions and must now keep the Order from getting their hands on the device.

The conflict is strong between Jane and Dr. Z.  He comes across as a friend but acts like he has ulterior motives.  Jane tries to do her best to keep the secret of the machine from falling into the wrong hands but some of the events are out of her control.  It takes Jane down an adventure that she is not ready or willing to endure, and she needs the courage and the strength to succeed. 

I liked the premise of the story and the plot.  Jane was working with her team on a device that would provide a means of traveling through dimensions.  It would open up a way for chaos to ensure, if this device was to fall into the wrong hands.  That type of storyline opens numerous possibilities in the mind of the reader, which leaves you excited as to where the author is going to lead you.

Irene Helenowski shows us how people can be affected when the people can be affected when the people they love are put in danger.  True character ces out and is displayed in a way the author works with dialogue and plot. 

The setting was descriptive enough so that the reader could identify the surroundings.  When the characters travelled between dimensions, it wasn't confusing and disjointed, and the settings never swayed from the genre.  The story wasn't laden with scientific jargon but written in a simple manner so the reader could enjoy the story and not have to rummage through technical terms.

The main character, Jane Kremowski, popped through the story and was very animated.  In her attempt to play her part in stopping the Order, she pulled the reader into her chaotic world of adventure.  The protagonist, Dr. Z, thwarted her efforts at every turn but Jane comes out on top. 

There’s a lot of dialogue between characters which allows them to develop in front of the reader.  You get to know each character better as you read the story and the author entertains you with intelligent dialogue.  She uses the secondary characters to her advantage to propel the story, instead of bogging down the reader with unnecessary sub-plots.

Order of the Dimensions is a good read.  Irene Helenowski entertains you with her science fiction, contemporary work of fiction

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