Author: Stella Otto
Publisher: OttoGraphics
ISBN: 978-0-9634520-3-0

Are you the type of gardener that is afraid to plant a fruit tree because “your yard is too small, your climate is too hot or cold, your soil is not suitable, or you don’t have enough time?” Stella Otto writes this along with “Growing fruit trees successfully is not really that difficult. Even a neophyte gardener can do it” in the preface of her book, The BackYard Orchardist.

This two hundred and fifty page paperback book is truly a complete guide to growing fruit trees in the home garden and has won several awards dating back to 1993 when it was first published. With over eighty black and white simplistic illustrations and thirty charts, the novice to expert can easily look up topics or instructions on growing all types of fruit trees in America.

Divided into six organized sections, the author helps one get started with fruit trees, clarifies fruit fundamentals, shows how to care for trees, gives tips to ward off pests and diseases along with harvesting the fruit and includes a thorough reference segment. By knowing what zone you live in, where to plant, soil type and space issues, the book aids in preparing the soil and selecting the tree.

The second section about different fruit trees not only discusses pome and stone fruit, but explains apple, pear, cherry, plum and other fruit growth habits, pollination, rootstocks and variety, even charting what works best for eating or baking.

Once the tree is planted and growing, maintenance is discussed in regard to nutrition, fertilizers, pruning, container-growing and thinning. A helpful section is included regarding insects, diseases and control methods. Otto concludes the main part of the book on when to harvest, picking the fruit and storage. The final section is very detailed with an appendix about reviving ailing trees with seasonal question/answer issues and a quick monthly almanac along with a plethora of resources, a glossary and extensive index.

With so many informative topics, a new gardener can learn quickly the pros or cons of an apple tree such as its average years to bearing, yield per tree, space needed, mature height, common insects and pests, popular varieties including those most resistant, useful life and suggest number of trees to plant. Drawings are comprehensive enough to know the difference between a destructive codling moth or leafroller and a beneficial lacewing or sryphid fly.

This easy-to-read book is a useful educational tool that gives one the confidence and knowledge to actually attempt to grow a fruit bearing tree in their yard that they can enjoy and eat for years to come.

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