Author: David DiPillo
Publisher: David DiPillo
ISBN: 978-1-470052577

Author: David DiPillo & Dr. Mary Lou DiPillo
Publisher: David DiPillo
ISBN: 978-1-470058432

The little troll replies in David DiPillo’s novella, A Bridge Apart, “One of the biggest problems with you humans is that you have little faith, both in others and in yourselves.”

This forty-one page small paperback book is in manuscript format, making it simplistic and easy to read in less than an hour. With no profanity or overtly scary scenes, it could be read as a children’s tale or adult fiction with underlying Christian lessons and themes.

The short tome is about a traveling salesman who crosses over an icy bridge with his horse and buggy, slipping off the road. When the broken buggy pins him under its weight and his horse dies in the accident, he cries out for help under the bridge.

A troll comes to his rescue, lifting the heavy carriage off his broken leg and leads him further under the bridge to his tiny but well-furnished home. There the troll nurses the salesman back to health by giving him two potions: one to cure the leg and one to bring confidence in selling his wares. The salesman drinks both concoctions and promises the troll he will return every year for the next three years and give him half of all profits made.

Without giving away the ending of the tale, the story reiterates that we as people tend to make mistakes by judging things on how they look, have little faith, need to follow through when promises are made and understand the true meaning of happiness.

Although it is a short story, it is very powerful in its genuine meaning that stresses making money and monetary success does not produce true happiness. Making promises that are followed through generate meaningful, trustworthy relationships. By focusing on what is important in life, one finds contentment and peace.

The supplemental to this story, Literary Turning Points: A Bridge Apart, is a twenty-six page small paperback booklet written by David DiPillo and Dr. Mary Lou DiPillo. Also in manuscript format, it explains the why, where, what and how of the author’s short tale. The addendum is a quick read of the origin, genre and significance of the novella and explains the title, symbolism and characters in more detail.

With this codicil explaining the lessons of greed, forgiveness, charity, honor, encouragement and happiness in the fictional story, its ending questions for group discussions helps the reader understand more clearly the storyline. As a Christian, DiPillo promotes how Jesus Christ is the bridge of life that brings us eternal happiness and salvation.

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