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David W. Menefee

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By David W. Menefee
Published on January 22, 2013

Author: Mark Rice
ASIN: B009G564TG


Author Mark Rice’s fascination with history has led to some remarkable discoveries. In 2007, his book, Downtown Dallas: Romantic Past, Modern Renaissance, revealed the nearly forgotten back stories surrounding his home city’s noteworthy architectural icons. During his research, he unearthed amazing facts about the true story of Florence Brown and her tragic and unsolved 1913 murder in one of those downtown buildings. Intrigued, he went to work as a history detective and began to unravel the nearly century-old mystery. 

Stolen Promise The Florence Brown Murder begins with Dallas newspaper headlines erupting with the shocking story that Florence Brown’s throat had been slashed from ear to ear and she was bludgeoned to death. The monstrous criminal who murdered her one hot summer day disappeared into the teeming downtown crowds, leaving scant evidence that baffled local authorities. Florence seemed to have no enemies.

The author then explores his uncovered facts in order to unknot truthful answers about who would have killed a smart, pretty, religiously devout young woman devoted to her friends and family. The unfolding story will prove riveting to aficionados of a classic “Who Done It?” Readers will be challenged to figure out the murder.

The story unfurls in a barely fictionalized retelling of the chilly actualities. Not content to merely reproduce newspaper accounts of the awful realities, the author incorporates both real and envisaged dialogue into each chapter that magnifies the macabre moments and elevates tension to an ever-increasing density that keeps the reader wondering what detail will next be disclosed. You try to stay one step ahead of the narrative, but second guessing the scenario only leads to jaw-dropping surprises as each new nuance of character and unexpected hints of motive shift suspicion onto another possible culprit. Brushing back the sands of time may have never been so entertaining. 

If you enjoy pulling back a shroud of secrecy from an unspeakable true life tragedy, join author Mark Rice on a dangerously twisting trail of clues as he embarks on a quest to resolve the mystery that stumped the experts for a hundred years. Who killed Florence Brown?

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