Author: Tom Guy Pettit
Illustrator: Peter O’Malley Pierson
Publisher: Tom Guy Pettit
ISBN: 978-1-4701-3637-6

For your animal list, which would you say
Ought to be first, they both start with “aa”
Is aardwolf in front and aardvark second?
Just which one goes where; what do you reckon?

As you think of the answer, you should know
They both love bugs and don’t care where they go.”

Tom Guy Pettit writes in carefree, poetic format about all types of animals in his educational children’s book, 26 Poem-Stories About Animals, A to Z, Aardvark to Zebra: Fun and Funny Poems Telling Real Stories About Real Animals.

With fifty-seven pages, this oversize paperback book covers twenty-six adventurous to entertaining animals listed alphabetically. Illustrator Peter O’Malley Pierson depicts colorful drawings in pen, ink and water colors that are detailed and creative. The book is targeted toward children age eight to twelve years old but could be easily read to preschool or younger ages who want to learn about animals. In the beginning, there is a special note to parents about the author and illustrator along with an explanation of poems. The end of the book has a special note to animals not included within the pages.

With two to three pages devoted to one letter of the alphabet animal, there are multiple four-line rhyming stanzas explaining each creature’s features, traits, eating habits and living environment in a playful but informative style. On each side of the page of the poems is several small to half-page drawings that even non-readers would enjoy looking at while listening.

It is time to learn something! Did you know koala bears eat leaves but not bamboo, an elephant’s tusks are really teeth, a group of hippos is called a pod or a walrus weighs four hundred pounds? And donkeys do not eat meat, kangaroos kick like a horse, ostriches do not have teeth and zebras make long, loud horn-honking noises.

Even adults can learn a thing or two in this useful, one-of-a-kind book. Have you ever heard of a nabarlek, uakaris or xerus? This fun find not only explains these odd mammals but the differences between a skunk and a skink or a vole and a mole if you do not know!

With so many different types of animals listed in their sing-song tales, this book can be read one per day as a bedtime story or over and over for memorization. It is a wonderful, educational tool to help children learn and care about the unique animal kingdom that surrounds us.

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