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Carolyn Warren
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By Carolyn Warren
Published on January 21, 2013

Author: Cheryl Shireman

ISBN: 9781478153658

Author: Cheryl Shireman

ISBN: 9781478153658


Cooper Moon: The Calling opens with an unusual premise. Tall, handsome Cooper, known for womanizing and avoiding full-time work, finds God while hanging out with his buddies in a tavern. To his astonishment after he prays “the magic prayer,” he feels the unmistakable presence of the Lord. Even still, Cooper is so drunk that after he gets home, he has no idea how the black lace panties got in his truck. The next morning, he proceeds to tell his wife he now knows God is real and that he’s going to be the husband she’s always wanted. No more adulterous affairs, no more alcohol. Yeah right, is Sally’s response. But there’s more to his transformatio 

Cooper believes God wants him to build a church. He has no idea how he’ll accomplish this task with no money in savings or what he’ll do when it’s built—he only knows it’s a mission he is supposed to fulfill. And so he begins construction on the wooded acreage next to his single-wide mobile home.

Enter a cast of characters that are so interesting, so unique—and yet so like yourself and people you know—you won’t want to stop turning the pages. Author Cheryl Shireman is a master at creating intrigue through her characters. As the story progresses, people who appeared to be weak show their inner strength. People who appeared to be antagonistic show their softer sides and become sympathetic. And people who appeared to have it all together show their vulnerabilities. As if the story itself is not entertaining enough—and it most certainly is—reading this novel as a character study alone is worth the time. 


 Cooper’s buddy, TJ Barnes, wants nothing more than to compete in the reality television competition, World Wide Warrior. He’s secretly smitten with Lucy.

Lucy Miller works with Sally (Cooper’s wife). She is oblivious to TJ’s feelings for her and has a mad crush on Cooper.

Jake, TJ’s brother, is a good cop who—surprisingly and yet predictably—falls into temptation in a moment of weakness.

Pastor Perry, the reverend Cooper goes to for advice, doesn’t like the idea of a new church springing up to compete with his.


Beautiful Seductresses: 

Libby and Violet, gorgeous women who have been enjoying secret hook-ups with Cooper, are envious of his wife. They refuse to believe Cooper’s declaration that their affairs are over and set out to keep their relationships going.


Frank, Violet’s husband, a banker, wants revenge not divorce.

Ivy, the wealthy town cougar, also wants revenge after Cooper resists her advances. She wastes to time in launching an attack.

One by one, members of the community of Timber Lake, Michigan, come to life. They’re never predictable, but always believable. Throughout the story, surprise twists astonish and delight!

The theme of The Calling is also a question to ponder: Does God have a plan for each one of our lives? This is something Cooper, TJ, and the others must discover for themselves, as must the reader.

As the story progresses, Cheryl Shireman ramps up the drama and then draws it to a satisfactory conclusion. At the same time, she opens a door for the second book in the four-book series. Based on how much I thoroughly enjoyed every moment reading Cooper Moon: The Calling, I most certainly will pick up the next novel. I can’t wait to find out what these people do next.

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