Author: Avraham Azrieli
ISBN: 9781451549515

From Nazi Germany to Jerusalem, this book has intriguing and unforgettable characters, political intrigue, religious controversy, historical relevance, mystery, betrayal, suspense and a unique love triangle! 

In the horrors of Nazi Germany, young Abraham Gerster and Elie Wiess meet.  Along the way, they encounter beautiful Tanya Galinski, a Mossad operative whose innocence is destroyed when her German lover is killed and she and Abraham become lovers.  Their love affair ends abruptly with consequences neither could ever have imagined.

Decades later in 1967 in the divided city of Jerusalem on the verge of the Six Day War, the three meet under intriguing circumstances.  Abraham Gerster (a secret atheist) has become the Rabbi of Neturay Karta (the most extreme fundamentalist sect in Israel) and is willing to do whatever it takes to control Jewish fanatics from destroying Israel. Conniving, power-hungry Elie Wiess is filled with hatred and revenge and is eager to become the master of a formidable clandestine apparatus with limitless powers and win control over Mossad.  And then, unexpectedly, Tanya reappears with a story that stuns readers.

Abraham’s son Lemmy (nickname for his birth name: Jerusalem), a young rabbinical scholar.  Rabbi Gerster has high expectations of his son and envisions his son assuming leadership of the Neturay Karta.  But, Lemmy’s youth, virility and the attraction that a woman more than twice his age offers, moves him to shake off the shackles of religious observance and he becomes manipulated by Elie to volunteer for a dangerous mission drawing the reader even further into the well-executed plot.

Temimah, married to Rabbi Gerster is mother to Lemmy, and while a minor character in the plot, her tragic story is effortlessly woven into the story as a not-so-gentle reminder that actions by one person can often result in serious and often tragic consequences for others.

Whether you enjoy historical fiction, political thrillers, love stories, books about betrayal or espionage, this intense and fast-paced book will keep you intrigued. Author Avraham Azrielli is a master storyteller with a unique ability to draw the reader into important and complex societal, religious and political issues through his excellent character portrayal and compelling plot development.  A solidly researched, well-written, excellently edited and well-thought-out plot, author Avraham Azrieli has created memorable characters who live compelling lives such that the reader is not only drawn into their story but wants to follow and read more about them after the book has ended.  

And, the good news is - we can!  There is a sequel!

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