Author: Gordon Osmond

Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing (January 11, 2013)

Gordon Osmond, a former playwright, teacher, retired attorney, and author of So You Think You Know English — A Guide to English for Those Who Think They Don't Need One (PublishAmerica 2009), has accomplished the impossible. At a time in life when many of his contemporaries are grappling with comprehending Medicare and struggling to remember the day of the week, he has reinvented himself as a fiction author and achieved an outstanding first book.

Any author who has managed to run the gauntlet of hurdles outlaid for writing, proofing, releasing, and publicizing a work deserves kudos for stamina and perseverance, and authors daring to release a fiction novel in a year characterized by an unprecedented avalanche of new releases earns admiration for daring and optimism. If the finished first work manages to reveal well-defined characters, unfurl a plot that stays one step ahead of the reader, and entertain with wit and style, then the author has achieved something nearly unattainable. Gordon has not only reached for all three brass rings, he snags them with aplomb. 

His debut novel, Slipping on Stardust, boldly springboards from his deliciously diverse personal and professional life. The story mirrors his obvious affection for show business, encompassing the egos and angst rife with denizens haunting a small town regional theater. Contrasting with these larger than life characters, he drafts into their whirlpool of intrigue a roster of anxious, fearful lawyers. The combination of characters would make any casting director envious. The melting pot nearly overflows with a cleverly concocted broth peppered with seduction, scandal, crime, and especially droll dashes of Broadway and Hollywood asides that only show business aficionados will pick up on. The story is a page turner that will keep you riveted. 

If this debut novel is a harbinger of things to come, keep your eyes on Gordon Osmond. His second novel will also attain the unattainable by outdoing the remarkably humorous and arresting Slipping on Stardust.

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