Author: Jeff Rivera


Publisher: Jeff Rivera


Falisha Whiskers thought she had a foolproof plan to get rid of her annoying and slobbering brother. Jesse was what you might call a real pain according to Falisha. She hated when he hugged her and even more his slobbery kisses. But, what can be worse than your brother smothering you with his nose boogers. UGH! But, Falisha really thought she had rid herself of him this time but not so fast. Finding her in the bathroom with a plunger in her hand with the head in the toilet, we learn just we Falisha has sent her little brother. Some would like to send them to outer space. Others maybe to the moon on a one way flight never to return. Falisha decided to flush Jesse down the toilet and calmly explained that to her mother when she came looking for him. “ I kind of flushed him down the toilet,” she told her mother whose immediate reaction you can only appreciate when you look at the picture on page 8. The look on her mother’s face is priceless as Falisha smiles up at her so innocently hoping that she won’t get angry or make her bring him back. But, poor Falisha did not win with her cute smile and grin this time. She would now have to find a way to get Jesse out of the toilet bowl and hopefully not get too covered with the Yuck and whatever else she might find down there.

Falisha yells into the toilet and hopes that he will answer her. Pounding the plunger on the floor does not help and the threat of having her father find out solves the problem. Check out what she does because it is hilarious. Donning her rain gear and boots dear Falisha has no other choice but to flush herself down the toilet too. The pictures are priceless as you see her journey first hand as she jumps into the bowl, travels down the pipe and winds up in a place that no one ever wants to visits. Imagine a coming face to face with muck, toilet bowl stench and much more. But, that’s the least of her troubles as she searches and looks around for Jesse. 

As Jesse looks around she cannot believe her eyes and her surroundings. A land filled with tons of Yuck just the way she always pictured it. Streets filled with jelly fellies and her boots squishing and slushing. But, holding her nose would not prevent her from smelling the awful aromas that are the major scents of toilet bowl. The illustrations are quite vivid and when we meet the rude taxi driver, the bug in a yellow car and the huge plane you have to admit that poor Falisha learns that not everyone in the world is nice. Strangers do not often welcome you and will ignore your cries for help. Poor Falisha is she could speak for herself might say: “ My feet were so tired and I was worried about finding Jesse. What will happen if I cannot find him? What is she going to tell her parents?

As Falisha wanders around this world willed with Yuch she begins to rethink her feelings about her brother. “ Is she really such a pain to have around? What will I do if I don’t find him?” These are just some of what she is thinking out loud and would she miss him if she could not find him? Poor Falisha is sorry that she flushed him down the toilet bowl. But, if she does find them will they get out? The strange creatures come to life in the colorful illustrations but when Falisha thinks she might never see her brother again her expression is priceless. So, what happens she he appears and she hears his voice? Will she embrace him or find a reason to escape on her own? What does Jesse think about his surroundings? Will he forgive his sister for sending him down the toilet bowl to toilet bowl oblivion? Author Jeff Rivera allows the reader to hear the inner thoughts of this seven year old girl expressing her true feelings, that many have, about their younger sisters or brothers. But, would we go to such lengths to rid ourselves of our younger sibling? I have a younger brother who hated when I left the house and went out with my friends. Knowing that he accepted a dollar or maybe two dollars to answer my phone and make sure that certain people never got through.

Language that is easy for all children to understand. Lessons in teaching children the meaning of love, caring and friendship come through. Just what happens and if they find their way back you will have to read for yourself. I can see these two climbing down storm drains, sewers and drainpipes to explore what’s beneath the sidewalks. What is the final outcome? Hold your nose before you get too close to these too to find out! 

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