Author: Denise W. Barreto
Publisher: Denise Barreto
ISBN: 1475083564
ISBN-13: 9781475083569

                                                       Valuing Yourself through Work

The last law in Deepak Chopra’s superseller The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success is The Law of Dharma. The word “Dharma” is a Sanskrit word that means “purpose in life”.  Explaining this law, Deepak Chopra says, “We have  taken manifestation in physical form to fulfil a purpose...”. According to this law, each person has a unique talent and a unique way of expressing it.  Following one’s Dharma leads to wisdom and inner peace. This book is all about the concrete process of finding your unique talent and using it to advantage in your daily life.

The author begins this book by describing the reason for writing it as follows: “It is my attempt to spread the good I’ve found in discovering my life’s work and having the opportunity to do it every day. (In this book), I will walk you through the five steps I took to move myself from corporate marketer to chief relationship revolutionist at Relationships Matter Now LLC. While the outcome may be different (for each one of you), I am certain that the intangible results will be the same.
Peace Contentment Fulfilment”. Clearly she is talking about Dharma.

The five steps that the author uses in her book are  as follows:

1)Finding your voice

2)Finding your tribe

3)Starting something and committing to use your best talents

4)Making a bold move towards your life’s work

5)Doing your life’s work for someone other than yourself

The five steps stated above are self explanatory. That which is not self evident is that one might need to return from step three to step one and repeat the process until one has developed the talents that need to be expressed in this particular lifetime. This is where Denise stresses that the role of perseverance in this delicate process comes in, she demonstrates with examples from her own life.

This book is an uncommonly pleasant and friendly read. It uncovers issues of where one can get lost in the process of discovering your “special” talents and the language used testifies to a genuine and authentic concern for the reader. There is not a trace of superiority or complacency of any kind. Reading the book gave me personally, the warm feeling of a good friend guiding me on an untrodden pathway.

The need for such a book cannot be overemphasized today. This is especially so because of the kind of corporate downsizing and job outsourcing that is going on, and more and more of us are being forced to examine viable career alternatives. It is imperative that this search leads to fruition in uncovering of our individual dharmas in order to cultivate inner peace in our society. To this end, this book is highly recommended.

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