Author: Mitzi Kelly

Publisher : Avalon Books;   Paperback and Ebook - Thomas & Mercer

ISBN: 9781611097740

Three feisty and definitely hardy women take on the police department, an insurance company and a whole community to find out who is behind insurance fraud, murder and tarnishing the integrity of Millie Morrow’s daughter, Michelle. Considering her age this 82 year-old young and energetic woman railroads her way into the home of Trish Anderson, wakes her at an ungodly hour, comes dressed for the new What Not to Wear Club, and finds her way into her home to state what she thinks are the hard cold facts. Edna Radcliff is an elderly woman of 65 who definitely does not act or look her age. So, what harm can an 82 year old, woman in her forties and a senior get into? Just how dangerous are these three women? You just don’t want to mess with any one of them especially Millie. When Millie goes off the deep end you might say to find out who is stealing cars and why Michelle’s company is getting hit for too many claims, why does everyone think it is fraud? An internal investigation into the company is dragging her name into the mud you might say and mother Millie will stop at nothing to find out who is behind the thefts and to clear her daughter’s name. 

When you meet each one of these women and learn more about them you realize that they are tenacious, smart, funny and definitely three you do not want to cross. Actually, they solved one murder already and when a body turns up in front of Millie’s daughter’s company Millie is thrilled because now the police have to take notice of the car thefts and get involved. Chief of Police, Henry Espinoza, although not fond of Millie and definitely often on opposite sides, can no longer turn a blind eye to what has been happening.

A Silver Sleuths Mystery that gets your attention from the first page and three women that are so different yet the same in many ways. Millie tough, persistent and definitely the brains of the group followed by Trish who tries to appear levelheaded. Now, let’s not forget mild mannered Edna whose job it is to record all of the evidence, clues and any information they get when they have their meetings to try and solve the case. Daring to accuse Michelle as the inside person or mole you might say at the insurance agency where she works, claiming or implying she might profit from the thefts irks Millie even more. Policyholders that are insured by Michelle’s company and owned by a man named Richard make all of these claims. Trying to come up with a list of suspects Millie thinks it might be Michelle’s former husband who is suing her for custody of their children trying to deny poor Millie access to her grandchildren. But, then the body is found outside of the insurance company and things start to heat up for Michelle and Richard. When another client comes to put in a claim for a third car he immediately states that he knows about the theft of the woman whose body was found in front of the insurance company. Millie is now in detective mode and her two cohorts can just about reign her in when she once again storms into the police station, sees her friend Larry Thompson and then proceeds to berate him when he does not share what he knows. 

When all three put their minds to it and Trish realizes the pattern behind the car thefts and the murder you won’t believe what happens. Stakeouts, midnight runs, high jinks, tons of coffee and snacks to keep them occupied and Millie at the helm hoping to catch a thief and prove to the police who the real detectives are. Chalkboards listing locations, makes of the cars, time and place and hoping to find the pattern, Trish realizes that it has been staring her in the face. But, then someone is out to get Millie and wants her to stop investigating as her mailbox is smashed and her car is vandalized and the end result well you just won’t believe who is behind the entire operation and why.

With Edna doing some sleuthing directed by Millie and these three deciding they had to be there for the final showdown make sure you have plenty of coffee and snacks on hand to join them.  Author Mitzi Kelly’s three Silver Sleuths will keep you laughing, smiling and definitely cheering for them to solve the case before the police. Straightforward no holds barred Millie, assertive and smart Trish, (the only one that can handle Millie) and prim and proper Edna with her supportive husband Joe, these three will keep you glued to the printed page until the car thief is exposed and the final cup of coffee is served. 

This book is a definite must read for all seniors letting them know that age is just a number and given the opportunity they can do anything. Just ask Millie: but be careful: she does carry a shotgun and will use it if you get her angry.

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