Author: Dale Allan
Publisher: Emerald Book Company

The title drew me in.

The captivating plot began quickly.  

The characters emerged and I became eager to follow their stories.  

And, before I knew it, I was hooked on the intriguing story of twin brothers Luke and Aaron Miller.  Different in many ways (Luke embraced his mother’s Roman Catholic faith and ultimately became a Roman Catholic priest; Aaron honoured his father’s Jewish faith and became a lawyer who managed the political campaign of the man many believed would become the next President of the United States), their separation over the years troubled Luke.

When Aaron is killed in a mysterious political bombing, Luke becomes obsessed with finding his brother’s killer and falls into the abyss of intrigue that surrounded his brother's mysterious professional life.  Taking a leave of absence from his priestly responsibilities, Luke finds himself in a personal spiritual struggle as an intriguing set of circumstances and people enter his life, raising questions that only a trip to Saudi Arabia could answer.

This fast-paced book is replete with international intrigue, religious conflict and troubling questions which rise to the surface and haunt Luke.  Why was Aaron killed?  Was the Muslim woman involved?  Can the homeless man (who “remembers” something that might shed light on the murder) be trusted?  What role does the computer hacker play?  Is his primary allegiance to bishop and the church, or to personal family: parents, sister-in law and her children?  What of the efficacy of prayer - did prayer really affect the outcome - and if so, is it a prayer he would offer again?

Author Dale Allan succeeds where many authors fail in keeping the reader not just interested in the well-developed characters, but curious about what the next page will bring through the twists and turns which permeate this book: around the corner - across the world - on land - in a boat and in the soul of a priest named Luke.  The questions culminate in a plot that captivates, intrigues and startles the reader with its dynamic ending.   Allan is a skilled writer who addresses questions about spirituality, political conspiracy theories and religious differences in a story that keeps the attention of readers.

Will there be more stories about Luke - his search for justice for his brother; his inner search for spiritual answers?  Will Luke’s relationship with his sister-in-law and her young children (who continue to mistake Luke for their father, his twin brother Aaron) develop into something deeper?  Will there be a “next chapter” - a sequel to this book?  

One can only hope - and encourage the author to put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, and imagination into action! 

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