Author: Sands Hetherington

Illustrator: Jessica Love

Publisher: Dune Buggy Press

ISBN: 978-0-9847417-2-4

Night Buddies: Imposters and One Far-Out Flying Machine is a pretty long book that had some great characters, but the story never really got me very excited like I hoped it would.

I wanted to like the story, because I liked the characters of John and Crosley, but it never really drew me in. In fairness, this is the second book in a series and I did not read the first one, so maybe the book would grab readers better who have the first book under their belt.

John and his red crocodile, Crosley, are part of the NIGHT BUDDIES and on nights when John really, really doesn’t want to go to bed, Crosley shows up and off they go on an adventure.

The idea is great, and as a kid myself I got excited in the first two chapters about what the adventure would be. As I read, though, the story line never really pulled me in. I also found the other characters and frequent plot changes a little confusing.

The book was also very long—318 pages—which seemed too long for a book targeting kids. I also found the strange words very confusing. There was a place in the front to help figure out what the crocodile was saying but it was hard to keep flipping back and forth.

This book was okay, but definitely not my favorite. I doubt I will pick up any other books in this series.

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