Author: Bradford G. Wheler


ISBN-13: 978-0-9822538-4-2

If you love, admire and respect cats, which, all cat-lovers would be prone to admit, is only their due, then an excellent way of paying them the most appropriate homage would be to acquire a copy of Bradford G. Wheler’s composite of fine written and visual images: Cat Sayings: Wit & Wisdom from the Whiskered Ones. Having already gained experience of how best to present a finely illustrated collection of wide-ranging quotations on animals that he, and countless others, love, in his two works Horse Sayings: Wit & Wisdom Straight from the Horse’s Mouth and Dog Sayings: Wit & Wisdom from Man’s Best Friend, Wheler was clearly in his element when compiling this work.

Despite his slightly anthropomorphic titles, his inherent appreciation of fine writing and fine art place Wheler in an ideal position to share with his animal-loving audience not only words of wisdom from the past, but also an array of artworks from around the world, ranging from Paris, France and Germany to New Zealand and South Africa. The art media used to portay this most sinuous and graceful of beasts, both domesticated and wild, are just as varied as are the multiple sources from which Wheler draws his quotations, describing in rhetorical finery the quirkiest and quaintest of this most unique and exceptional animal. For anyone who is keen on wildlife photography, there are some fine examples of the feline race that are presented in full color, of which some of the most remarkable are by the avid traveler and explorer, Roland Anderson, for whom the rich savagery of the African plains resounds in noble contrast to its verdant background. Oils, watercolors and ceramic art are just some of the other media that are illustrated in this eclectic mix. Wheler provides very handy short biographies on all the artists, containing their contact details, so, if you like their work, you can easily access more of it. The quotations themselves are from a wide range of authors, stretching from Alexander the Great right up to such authors of the modern day as Jim Davis and Tony Ross.

Ideal for both a juvenile and an adult audience, Cat Sayings: Wit & Wisdom from the Whiskered Ones should bring a great deal of pleasure and might inspire some deeply probing thought about not only the feline race, but also about our relationship with such a delightfully eccentric and idiosyncratic animal of note.

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