Author: Liesel F. Daisley
Illustrator: Omni Illustrations
Publisher: AuthorHouse Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4634-4147-0

Author Liesel F. Daisley has written and published her first in an upcoming series of children’s books titled The Adventures of Lisbeth, Book 1: Remember to Say Thank You that is geared toward ages four to eight years old who speak and read both English and Spanish.

This over-sized paperback book depicts an animated drawing of three children riding on a dragon roller coaster on the front cover and there is a Ferris wheel on the back with a paragraph about the book yet the story inside does not relate to the covers’ scenes. Within the twenty-five pages, there is no profanity or scary scenes that would be harmful to a young child.

The writer was born in Spanish-speaking South America and moved to English-speaking Barbados as a young girl so appreciates both languages and cultures and promotes them in her book with English written in black print with Spanish under it in red print.

With this being the first in her series, it is probable that the sequence of books will be about the writer’s own childhood and upbringing and that of her niece, Lisbeth. In this tome, young Lisbeth and her parents go to the beach where they live in the Caribbean on a Saturday morning. After playing in the sand with her doll, making sand castles and swimming with her parents in the ocean, Lisbeth sees her school friend Mark and his new white puppy named Chilly running on the beach.

The two children and dog walk along the shore and find a rock shaped in like the letter T. As they walk along, they go under a tree in the shade to get out of the sun and find a stone that looks like a H. Next they find two nuggets together shaped like N and K letters. Collecting them in Lisbeth’s blue bucket, they find more shapes and go back to have lunch with their parents. After Chilly finds a U-shaped rock, Lisbeth and Mark used all the letters in the bucket to spell out the words “thank you” in the sand, even though the letter A was never mentioned being collected. The children thank their parents for taking them to the beach to have fun.

With the beautifully designed colorful drawings by Omni Illustrations, a child can view the corresponding story as they hear and possibly read in both English and Spanish and see the corresponding words. In addition, the book reminds children to thank those around them.

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