Publisher: World Almanac (August 14, 2012)

ISBN-10: 1600571670:  ISBN-13: 978-1600571671

What is the name of the long-awaited sequel to 1991’s Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters?

The answer to this and more than 2,013 other facts can be found in the #1 Best-selling kid’s almanac, The World Almanac for Kids 2013, hot off the presses by World Almanac® Books. Leave no child behind. There’s still time to order this book for a Christmas stocking stuffer.

The new almanac spreads thousands of brilliant full-color photographs across 334 chapters on 352 fact-packed pages to create a dynamic, entertaining, and informative encyclopedia of knowledge. The incredible documentation of subjects range from animals, art, geography, military, nations, science, sports, technology, government, and travel, just to name a few of the categories. The vibrant interior design lays out the lore in a highly animated style sure to please the shorter attention span of young people, but the details are guaranteed to be equally absorbing to adults of all ages. The book is a page turner. 

The writers appear to have left no stone unturned. The secret to the World Almanac’s success lies in the current team led by Robert Famighetti and his contributors, a production lineup that consists of thirty men and women bringing together their talents as photo researches, editors, and design professionals. Their outstanding collaboration brings to the fore this incredible compilation of facts, figures, photos, illustrations, and maps. With these thirty people pulling back the sands of time, accompanying the wisdom of the ages with telling illustrations, and delivering the details in such a way as to make study a breeze, the accumulation of knowledge waits to be plucked like berries from a bush.

Here’s a tip: give the children in your family this book and watch them excel their friends with the sheer volume of knowledge they will glean. Make your child stand out from the crowd. In this age, ignorance is not bliss. To know you know is power, and to absorb the knowledge contained with this almanac will produce a lifelong awareness of the world and their places in the world, and that comprehension will set them firmly on the footpath to success in any field. A well-rounded understanding of all aspects of the world provides the foundation for sure-footed accomplishments.

This volume should be a must read for all, and should be provided to every child everywhere. 

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