Author: Rod Block
Publisher: Business Ghost Books
ISBN: 978-0-9836406-5-3

With a Doctorate of Chiropractic, Rod Block states in his book, Like Chiropractic for Elephants: How Animal Chiropractic Can Change Your (And Your Animal's) World, “The quantum shamanist learns to trust and be guided by universal wisdom that exists beyond our genetic blueprint. By being part to, and observing, movement, one becomes more sensitive to subtle changes in energy. By following these dynamic changes, the shamanist develops a more expansive relationship with the flow of life and health.”

This ninety-two page hardbound book has a close up photograph of an elephant’s eye on the front jacket. A black and white photograph page of many different types of animals separate the eight chapters and conclusion along with eight pages of colored photographs of Block treating his animal patients along with a sculpture. This book is geared to those who are looking for an alternative way to treat illnesses or health problems with their pets.

Author Block starts the book with an introduction of the thrill he received using chiropractic skills on a huge elephant, following with a chapter about his upbringing, being an observant Jew, and his vocation as a human chiropractor who wanted more to life and became an animal chiropractor. The second chapter explains his theory of looking at life differently by recognizing and responding to the right brain of intuition and perception instead of the more acceptable left brain of logic based on right-hand dominance.

Chapter three introduces his concept of “perceptives” or sensitivities which are shut down by the left brain as he uses “hemispheric hopping” to access both sides of his brain to treat animals. He does this through “heart farts,” by touching the animal, using lasers to detect energy and flow and honing in on “Aural Pharsex.” In the fourth chapter, Block says he talks to the animals and explains what horses have told him as his queues in on his right brain waves.

The next chapter reverts back to the history of chiropractic and “Quantum Shamanetics,” encouraging increased perceptiveness followed up with his idea that there should be farm schools to learn how to change the flow of energy so one can increase their right brain intuition. The seventh chapter jumps to communication tools of “Peta Physics” and his team of animal experts that have special perceptive abilities to connect with animals.

Correlating twice to the Ouija board and his conclusion about unblocking obstructions in energy flow with the struggle between “being” instead of “doing,” the writer states there has to be an alignment between intent and observation.

With no scientific documentation except for the author’s hands-on experience, this new age book may or may not help readers in their quest for alternative pet health.

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