Author: J.D. Means
Illustrator: Romar Lipana
Publisher: Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-4349-1610-5

Welcome! Please come in and have a seat. Pay your penny and enjoy your interplanetary adventure. All services are rendered instantaneously and are satisfaction guaranteed,” computerized Rose explains to her guests in Millie and Honey – The Incredible Instantaneous Interplanetary Adventure Volume 1 Catatonia, a children’s book by J.D. Means.

With seventy-six pages in this small paperback book, it is targeted to young children who enjoy fun make-believe stories about talking animals and space travel. Illustrator Lipana depicts a colorful drawing on the front jacket and has a well-drawn black and white drawing at the beginning of each of the ten chapters. There is no profanity or scary scenes but some words are misspelled for emphasis purposes and may confuse a beginner reader. At the end of the book, there are four pages of the second volume of the series.

After moving from the United States to Dubai, author Means and his wife had to wait a month for their beloved pets to arrive, causing their loneliness to inspire this cute tome. In this story, fourteen year old Millie wakes up in the morning, prepared to take her dog Honey and her four puppies Salazar, Jasmine, Burt and Blinky to the lake for a picnic. The excited canines enthusiastically pack and start off to the woods to go to the lake.

When ringleader Salazar wanders off the path and stumbles upon a strange looking egg-shaped vehicle, all are perplexed until a computerized woman named Rose explains it is a traveling machine by Instant Vacations, Ltd. Even though Blinky is nervous, the puppies convince Millie and Honey to pay a penny to go on an instantaneous, interplanetary adventure. With four options to visit, they choose to go to Catatonia, a cat-operated amusement park on a planet that has four suns. Off they go and instantaneously arrive, being greeted by Sir Thomas Katt by rubbing faces. He takes them on several rides in the park including “Whip the Tail,” “The Falling Cat,” and “The Leg Rub.” After donating a penny, Millie wins the instant traveling machine and they all fly back home, only to tiredly tell their crazy tale to Millie’s parents.

Means does an excellent job in telling a fun, creative story about a girl and her pet dogs that talk normally, have specific personalities and fears and enjoy each other as they play together and experience new things. With the next volume as a teaser in the book, one looks forward to reading more of the dogs’ adventures.

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