Authors: K.A. Meade & A.M. Meade
Illustrator: K.A. Meade
Publisher: Forest Meadow Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9568-9499-1

K.A. and A.M. Meade write in their children’s book The Bear Facts – The Bears: Volume 1 – A Complete A to Z of Interesting and Unexpected Bears that “… just like people, there are lots and lots and lots of different sorts of bears.”

This over-sized, unnumbered paperback book is approximately forty-five pages long with big, bold and bright drawings filling almost every page.  Targeted toward age three years and older, it has the alphabet as the main theme, depicting usually a rhyming word with “bear” to almost every corresponding letter of alphabet.  The letter is in bold font on the top of the page with the reading on the bottom, printing right over the artwork. Some words are italicized for emphasis which may confuse a new reader.

Although the title makes one think the book gives facts about bears, sometimes the letter pertaining to the alphabet is not always about the animal but a personality trait any of us humans have. Some letters are dedicated to more than one page and the more complicated letters (X, Q and Z) are included.

Examples of some of the letters are:

Aa – For instance, there are Air Bears, who, for some reason, like nothing better than to hold their snouts and blow and blow until … they fill up with air and float away.”

Ee – Edgar doesn’t exactly rhyme with Bear but he is Granny’s special friend.”

Jj – Just-There Bears are called that because, well … they are just there.”

Oo - …O’Hare Airport in Chicago, where an O’Hare Bear may have to tell them that their plane is cancelled.”

Tt - … and there are the There-There Bears, who try to comfort other bears who may have been sick or have had an accident, no matter how small.”

Zz - …Zaire Bear, who is from the Congo, which used to be called Zaire, but while Congo does not rhyme at all with bear, Zaire almost does.”

Due to all the bright, colorful pictures showing generally happy, charming bears, there is plenty to look at while the child is read to or reads along in alphabetical order. With the letter of the alphabet of the “bear” word being in a different color, a game of seeing the letter at the top of the page and then finding the letter in the matching word within the sentence could aid in the learning process.

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