Author: Kathleen Kinsolving
Publisher: WND Books
ISBN: 978-1-9364-8840-7

What do three United States’ military men from World War II, President Roosevelt, General Patton and President Eisenhower, have in common besides the war? As explained in Dogs of War – The Stories of FDR’s FALA, Patton’s WILLIE, and Ike’s TELEK by Kathleen Kinsolving, each one had a beloved dog that was behind the scenes, dealing with his owners’ emotions, frustrations and joys during one of America’s most difficult wartime periods.

This small, hardcover book has sixty-four pages with a black and white photograph of Telek seated on the top of Eisenhower’s desk on the front cover. Inside, the three dogs’ stories are separated by more black and white pictures of each dog over several pages. In addition to a short foreword by author Carlo D’Este and author’s note, the afterword includes a story by Alan Parker about a SEAL dog that cornered Bin Laden. With quoted profanity (mainly by Patton) purposely altered, the book would be acceptable to young teens and older who are interested in learning about famous military men and their cherished canines.

The author tells three charming stories about each dog, all males that outlived their owners. The reader is informed about Fala, FDR’s Scottish terrier who was given to him by his cousin, ate everything in sight at the White House, took trips with the President and missed his master dearly, even years later when he stood at attention and waited while visiting graveside. Patton’s bull terrier Willie was first named after William the Conqueror but did not live up to his reputation due to his anxiety, also ate ravenously, and mourned years later when smelling his obstinate owner’s helmet. Before Eisenhower became president and while he was stationed in England, he received a Scottish terrier for his birthday, which was really a gift to his female driver Kay Summersby who reportedly had an amorous affair with Ike. They named the puppy Telek, who had issues being house broken, mated with a friendly female named Cassie that produced several of his offspring, and traveled to Algiers and America, being gently put to sleep at the age of seventeen.

Kinsolving does an excellent job telling three separate stories yet blending them together as they all were during World War II. In learning about each pooch, one easily sees the compassionate, playful side to three warriors who made life-decisions on a daily basis. A reader would only hope that his or her own dog would have as much unconditional love portrayed in this book of these three mutts.

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