Author: Christine Pisera Naman

Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 978-0-385-52245-8

ISBN: 0385522452

I chose the perfect time of year to read Christine Pisera Naman's heartwarming book, Christmas Lights.  Full of Christmas spirit and joy, Christmas Lights helped me remember the true meaning of Christmas, which does not include a million presents under the tree. Christmas Lights is a very quick read, at only 120 pages and will leave you immersed in holiday spirit when done.

Christmas Lights begins on Christmas Eve and is at first written from the point of view of Katherine, an older woman visiting her husband in a nursing home.  Each subsequent chapter is told from the viewpoint of one of Katherine and Joseph's daughters.  It is evident that Katherine and Joseph instilled Christian values into their children as each turns to God for guidance and assistance in the midst of their struggles. 

Julianna is the youngest daughter at 16 and is struggling to get the boy of her dreams to notice her, while her sister Adrianna finds herself at a crossroads in her marriage.  Cassandra is working to push through a tremendous grief as Victoria has decided she is finally ready to find 'the one,' but has she waited too long?  Finally, with her health in question, Alexandra is waiting for a sign from her dearly departed grandmother that everything will be OK, while Isabella turns a new and exciting page in her life.  Katherine and her six daughters come together at the end of the novel to remind readers what is important in life and what the true meaning of Christmas entails.  

Christine Pisera Naman did a great job having her characters embrace the magical feeling of the Christmas holiday while thanking God for what they had, and believing that He would provide what was still needed.  I definitely recommend Christmas Lights to those looking for a fast and yet warm holiday read with a happy ending.

Christine Pisera Naman is the author of Caterpillar Kisses and Faces of Hope. She has written for several magazines and is a frequent contributor to the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. She lives in Monroeville, Pennsylvania.

Christine Pisera Naman is the author of Caterpillar Kisses: Lessons My Kindergarten Class Taught Me About Life, The Believers , Faces of Hope: Babies Born on 9/11 and Faces of Hope 10 Years Later: Babies Born on 9/11

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