Why Become A Reviewer?
Norm Goldman

Reviewer & Author Interviewer, Norm Goldman. Norm is the Publisher & Editor of

He has been reviewing books for the past twenty years when he retired from the legal profession.

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By Norm Goldman
Published on December 1, 2012
Here Are Several Reasons To Become a Reviewer. Check Them Out has been in existence since 2002 and have posted over 6000 book reviews and over 750 author interviews.

For bibliophiles, authors, writers and others this is a great opportunity as volunteering for this position provides you with several perks.

-Receiving free books (many of which are Advance Reader Copies by well known authors)

-Published web writing experience

-Insider views into book promotions and publication

-The opportunity to meet and interview authors-even pick their brains

-Great to post on your resume as you will get credit for your reviews

-Meeting like- minded bookaholics

-Have a flexible and fun reading experience at your leisure

-Enhancing your writing ability and analytical skills as well as forcing you to read more objectively

-Increasing the speed of your reading

-Being exposed to books you may never had the chance to read

-Exposing your writing to an audience you might not have been able to previously contact

-Networking with readers who could possibly turn out to be your future fans

-Helping other authors and writers

If you are interested, please send me an email at with a sampling of your writing or a link to something you have posted on the Internet. Also, please send me a brief bio of yourself (2-4 lines) with your photo image. Once I receive this information, we can go onto the next step where I will email you our protocol.