Author: The Editors of Good Housekeeping
Publisher: Hearst Magazines
ISBN: 978-1-936297-63-4

The editors of Good Housekeeping write in their resourceful how-to book, 7 Years Younger, “The chapters that follow are chock-full of age-erasing tips and tricks, each centered on the very practical philosophy that making small changes daily can yield significant results for the long term.”

In this three hundred and ninety-nine page hardbound book, the front cover depicts the lower half of a beautiful woman’s face and neck.  The back cover has a review from the famous Dr. Oz along with commentary about the book.  This book caters to women in their thirties to mid-fifties in regard to feeling and looking seven years younger, but can be read by those younger and older.  The book includes both colored and black and white photographs of ten women who have completed the program successfully along with charts, drawings, recipes and examples.

A doctor in health, beauty and environmental sciences, nutrition director, executive editor, beauty editor and food director have organized the book into eleven chapters to aid in helping one look seven years younger over an eight-week time period.  By initially having the reader write out her own pledge, encouraging and inspirational reminders are throughout the book, prompting the reader to reach her goal.

The first three chapters discuss tips for skin, make-up and hair care to bring back the beauty and luster of year’s past.  The next two chapters concentrate on diet and fitness with two sections following on memory and stress.  The last four chapters hones in on the first seven days on the plan, the next seven weeks, food recipes during the time period and how to maintain the glowing goal.  There are two appendixes about nutritional analyses and recipes along with a helpful index.

Although the book concentrates and uses ten examples of women from ages thirty-four to fifty-three, any female can benefit from the abundant information of what products (by name) to buy for what correction, how often to use them, when another product works better and application tricks.  It gently stimulates the reader to carefully consider what she eats, how often and how much including at restaurants, how to exercise properly, how to stimulate the brain and deal with less stress and when to move on when faltering from the program goal.

A book like this should be kept next to one’s bed or in open view in the kitchen to remind each one of us females that we actually can look and feel younger and better with careful, attentive daily routines. Whether you want to have less wrinkles, a more up-to-date appearance, shed a few pounds or eat healthier, this is a wonderful reference book with easy-to-follow directions for any aging woman.

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