Author: Anna Chaput
ISBN: 9781608362943
Publisher: Publish America

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Author Anna Chaput has been an avid reader all her life and has decided to give her imagination a workout to write this book, with the goal for more books in the future. She is the mother of three and grandmother of six. She resides in New Hampshire with her husband.

When Sir Lasher Oxbridge’s wife is murdered and infant son kidnapped by an evil sorceress, Morta, he embarks on a mission to avenge his wife’s death and rescue his son. With his wife as a dream guide, his quest leads him to a man who will become a life-long friend and a woman that the gods have chosen to be his soul mate. But, discovering that his child is a prophesy and destined to be King, means protecting the woman he loves and saving his son at all costs…Even if he has to face down his worst enemy to fulfill his destiny. 

First, I was not overly impressed with the cover design for the book. Several times while reading throughout, I was pulled out of the story due to it being told seemingly by a third person narrative instead of letting the characters tell it. It gave a very detached sensation to the characters. I felt that Sir Lasher, at times, especially early on, lacked the powerful responses one would expect from a recent widower. He was also too nice and needed more eminent flaws. The author could have used a little more imagery for the setting. The first couple of chapters, excluding the prologue, felt rushed. There were a few grammatical comma errors, as well. This book could have done better with a good critique partner or editor pre-publication, to correct the above items mentioned. 

In saying that, it is apparent that the author, Anna Chaput, has a knack for historical fantasy romance. She understands the period she writes in and demonstrates that through dialog and style. Her books, if honed and fine-tuned, could be quite brilliant. The plot, for the most part, flowed smoothly and kept my interest. I think the finest part of the book was the idea and plot behind it. Everyone can relate to the loss of a loved one, friendships we forge throughout our life, and that we will do anything, anything, for our children. An evil sorceress, fate-crossed lovers, commanding magic, and a bonding friendship on an adventurous quest- What’s not to like?

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