Author: Alec Nevala-Lee

ISBN: 978-0-451-23878-8

Publisher: Penguin


There are many reasons why people decide to live alone, in exclusion or some say in exile. Some are forced to live out their lives away from family and friends being expelled from their country. Others might choose a self-imposed exile rather than face the many consequences of their actions. Some live in their own personal exile hoping to create some type of incident or event that would get them to be noticed and to take center stage. City of Exiles is a uniquely woven plot that takes the reader inside the world of many different intelligence factions, back in time to an incident that happened over 50 years ago and he inner workings of a plot so devious you won’t see the final outcome coming until it’s too late.

Dyatlov Pass was the scene of a horrific incident that happened in 1959. Nine ski hikers died there and the lack of witnesses and the strange circumstances surrounding the deaths of these nine hikers and their physical appearances made solving the mystery more difficult. The temperature outside was way below zero, the hikers seemed drawn to leaving the warmth of their tents, a neurological poison, which somehow got into the air or on their skin might have been the primary cause of what happened next. Some ran wild in the cold and died of exposure, some went insane and others saw that their skin began to peel. Just how this links to what the author relates remains to be revealed. Take the journey into the minds of several assassins, Russian intelligence, the police in many different countries and work through the lies, deceits, betrayals and treachery when you travel from London to many other places around the world.

The lens of a photographer’s camera can create a picture that often flatters the image it photographs. Some photographers or retouchers in this case are more talented than others and the end result might look like air brushing and create a subject that looks young and whose skin seems flawless. At other times the subjects as in this case look lifeless, devoid of emotion and need more than the usual touch ups to create a vibrant picture. Lasse Karvonen is our retoucher and a dangerous assassin. Working with him in any capacity as some learn can be fatal. While doing a shoot and working with Renata Russell we learn more about him, their relationship and the mysteries behind his dealings.

Rachel Wolfe is the FBI liaison assigned to assisting the Serious Organized Crime Agency in London. Requested by Alan Powell, Rachel enters the story and a crime scene at first as an unwelcomed guest. When approaching the murder scene, viewing the body it’s revealed that an accelerant was used to burn the victim, a gunrunner, to a charcoaled crisp. As they view the scene from many different levels names come into place as it that might be responsible but there is no definite why.

The story opens as we meet a dangerous killer who realizes that he’s been followed. The man is called the translator as he works with a young girl teaching her English. Within his field of vision he realizes that he is being followed and the two men should have had no difficulty taking out their subject. But, the translator is cunning and smart, thinking about what’s next in his life and the fact that all that he’s accumulated, namely his past and his books must be once again left behind. But, first he needs to take care of these two men and deal with the aftermath. Thinking he’s home free after the murders he decides to travel to London where he makes his first mistake.

Staking out his haunts and then finding their way to the London Chess Classic all of the players converge in the same place along with several more. As one deal is about to go down, another goes sour and several players are eliminated but are finally captured. Tossed in a maximum security prison, Ilya is now at the mercy of the prison guards and one dangerous prisoner.

At the center of this novel is Russian politics, two separate factions fighting for power, a chess classic that where things fall apart and an FBI unit racing the clock to prevent another fatal catastrophe. Just how does the incident from 1959 come into play in the present you just won’t believe? What happens when they realize where the next attack will take place and who’s on the receiving end of the assassin’s diabolical plan?

As Rachel learns more information when she visits Ilya in prison and the link to the Bible, his past and the prophet named Ezekiel is brought to light, will he reveal enough to stop what has been set into motion and in time? Learning more about the chess champion and his motives, the structure of the Russian government, the secret police and a plot to recreate what happened to the skiers, will the end be worse? Some are exiled by God, others by their country and some self-imposed. The author takes us inside the mind of each of his vividly described characters and the ending is so powerful you just can’t wait for the final sequel. One powerful explosive ending! One must read!

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